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trompe l'oeil
Göz boyama
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A trumpet; a trump
An apparatus in which water falling through a perforated pipe entrains air into and down the pipe to produce an air blast for a furnace or forge
trompe d'œil
Common misconstruction of trompe l’œil

Trompe d’œil effects such as false perspectives painted on walls are common.

trompe l'oeil
A painting of this kind
trompe l'oeil
A genre of still life painting that exploits human vision to create the illusion that the subject of the painting is real
trompe l'œil
Alternative spelling of trompe l’oeil
Common misconstruction of trompe-l’œil

The carefully exposed reflection of the fallen soldier in the retina of his shield, which is very much in agreement with the puerile stories of trompe-d’œil — like that of the ‘Grapes of Zeuxis’ — which were the stock in trade of art critics like Pliny.

Alternative spelling of trompe l'oeil
Alternative form of trompe l'oeil
trompe l'oeil
something that misleads or deceives the senses : ILLUSION
trompe l'oeil
a style of painting in which objects are depicted with photographically realistic detail also : the use of similar technique in interior decorating
trompe l'oeil
a trompe l'oeil painting or effect
trompe l'oeil
a painting rendered in such great detail as to deceive the viewer concerning its reality
trompe l'oeil
A trompe l'oeil is a trompe l'oeil painting. (French; "deceive the eye") Style of representation in which a painted object is intended to deceive the viewer into believing it is the object itself. First employed by the ancient Greeks, trompe l'oeil was also popular with Roman muralists. Since the early Renaissance, European painters have used trompe l'oeil to create false frames from which the contents of still lifes or portraits seemed to spill and to paint windowlike images that appeared to be actual openings in a wall or ceiling
trompe l'oeil
Trompe l'oeil is a technique used in art in which objects are painted their normal size in a very realistic way, to make people think that the objects are solid and real. a trompe l'oeil painting



    [ (")tromp-'l&i, trOn ] (noun.) 1889. French trompe-l'[oe]il, literally, deceive the eye.

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