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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
döndürme momenti
eğilme momenti
(Mekanik,Teknik) burulma momenti
(Otomotiv) burulma
dönme kuvveti
dönme momenti
bükme momenti
bazı sıvı ve billurlardan geçme sonucunda polarılmış ışık düzleminde meydana gelen dönel etki
(makine) devir meydana getiren kuvvet, dönme momenti
(Askeri) TORK: Dönme, devir veya burulma oluşturan çift kuvvet veya çift kuvvetler; teğet bir kuvvetin dönme momenti; teğet olan bir kuvvetin bu kuvvetin döndürdüğü parçanın yarı çapı ile çarpılmasından oluşan çarpım
dönel etki
(isim) dönme momenti
devir meydana getiren kuvvet
(Nükleer Bilimler) tork,burkulma
(Otomotiv) tork döndürme momenti
torque converter
(Otomotiv) dönüştürücü
torque converter
tork çeviricisi
torque motor
tork motoru
torque wrench
(Mühendislik) cıvata sıkma torkunu ölçen anahtar
torque amplifier
tork yükselticisi
torque arm
(Askeri) TORK KOLU: Motorlu araçlarda, arka aksa güç verildiğinde arka aks koruyucusunun dönmesini engelleyen madeni kol
torque converter
(İnşaat) tork değiştirici
torque converter clutch
tork konverter kavraması
torque converter clutch
(Otomotiv) tork konvertör kavraması
torque converter cover
tork konvertör kapağı
torque converter housing
(Otomotiv) tork konvertör muhafazası
torque converter housing
(Otomotiv) tork konvertör gövdesi
torque converter mounting
(Otomotiv) tork konvertör bağlantısı
torque divider
(İnşaat) tork bölücü
torque limitation
tork limitörü
torque limiter
tork sınırlayıcı
torque reaction
burulma momenti reaksiyonu
torque rod
(Telekom) bükme çubuğu
torque screw
tork vidası
torque shaft
tork mili
torque shaft
döndürme mili
torque shaft
cer mili, döndürme mili
torque stabilizer
u demiri
torque stabilizer
viraj denge demiri
torque stabilizer
denge kolu
torque stabilizer
viraj demiri
torque tube drive
(Otomotiv) tork tüpü ile çekiş
torque variator
moment degistirici
torque variator
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) buru değiştirici
torque variator
moment değiştirici
torque wrench
(İnşaat) tork anahtarı
friction torque
(Borsa) Sürtünme torku
deflecting torque
(Bilgisayar) saptırma burusu
tightening torque
(Mekanik) vidal
tightening torque
sıkma momenti
torque wrench
tork çubuğu
braking torque
frenleme momenti
clutch torque shaft
debriyaj tork mili
driving torque
tahrik torku
engine torque
motor dönme momenti
starting torque
tork başlangıç
to torque
to tork
wearing a torque
bir tork giyiyor
axial torque
eksenel tork
breaking torque
durdurma burusu
damping torque
(Bilgisayar) söndürme burusu
damping torque
sondurme burusu
damping torque
söndürme borusu
deflecting torque
saptirma burusu
driving torque
tahrik momenti
equal torque
(Otomotiv) eşit tork
input torque
giriş torku
propeller torque
(Havacılık) pervane döndürme momenti
rated torque
nominal tork
rated torque
saymaca burulma
restoring torque
geri getirme burusu
specified torque
(Otomotiv) tork değeri
turbine torque converter
hidrolik tork konvertörü
turning torque
(Otomotiv) çevirme torku
turning torque
(Otomotiv) döndürme torku
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
twist or turn something
A rotational or twisting effect of a force; a moment of force. Torque is measured as an equivalent straight line force multiplied by the distance from the axis of rotation, hence the SI unit Newton-metre (Nm) or imperial unit foot-pound (ft.lbf)
Alternative spelling of torc
expressed in degrees, this measurement explains the shafts resistance to twisting when a force is applied The lower the torque rating, the more resistant the shaft is to twisting Steel golf shafts have such low torque values (high resistance to twisting) that True Temper does not publish steel torque ratings However, all graphite / composite shafts will have established torque values
- A unit of measure describing the twisting force, or leverage, an engine can exert on the rear wheel Typically, an engine with a lot of torque will have the potential to speed up faster at lower rpms (See also: horsepower)
(gen) Any force that acts to produce rotation The measured ability of a rotating part, such as a gear or shaft F - couple S - par
The force that causes rotation or twisting: the rotary force in a mechanism
The measure of the force applied to produce rotational motion usually measured in foot-pounds Torque is determined by multiplying the applied force by the distance from the pivot point to the point where the force is applied
a turning or twisting force
The turning force applied to a shaft Usually measured in pound-feet or ounce-inches It is equal to the force applied times the radius through which it acts
(Otomotiv) Turning or twisting force
That which tends to produce torsion; a couple of forces
a twisting force
Product of the force and the lever arm
Something which produces or tends to produce rotation or torsion and whose effectiveness is measured by the product of the force and the perpendicular distance from the line of action of the force to the axis of rotation: a moment of force
The product of force and lever-arm distance, which tends to produce rotation
Torque is the turning effect produced when force is applied to a rotational axis
Torque is the force that causes an object to rotate In vehicles, it refers to the rotational force generated by the engine - in other words, the pulling power
A force that produces a twisting or rotating motion
The vector quantity r x ma where a is the acceleration and r is the displacement of the object from the source of the interaction; denoted T
The shear force produced when the rotation, from the motor, (an axial force) is resisted due to the friction between the fill and the Bit The greater the torque the greater the shear force
A collar or neck chain, usually twisted, especially as worn by ancient barbaric nations, as the Gauls, Germans, and Britons
A twisting action in torsion springs which tends to produce rotation, equal to the load multiplied by the distance (or moment arm) from the load to the axis of the spring body Usually expressed in inch-oz, inch-pounds or in foot-pounds
{f} turn something up (such as the heat); apply torque to something, cause to twist; rotate
A vector quantity whose magnitude is the product of force and lever arm Applying a torque to a stationaryobject will make it rotate in the same way applying force to an object will make it move in a straight line
{i} collar, necklace; twisting force, force that causes something to twist (Physics)
The twisting force of the crankshaft or other driving shaft
the rotary force produced on a motor's output shaft
The static twisting force produced by an engine Torque varies with the length of the "arm" at which the twisting force is measured Torque is a force times the length of the measurement arm: Torque = Force x Torque Arm, where Force is the applied or the generated force and Torque Arm is the length through which that force is applied Typical torque values are ounce-inches, pound-feet, etc
the force which produces rotation
The force which tends to cause rotation
A turning or twisting; tendency to turn, or cause to turn, about an axis
Torque is a force that causes something to spin around a central point such as an axle. A collar, a necklace, or an armband made of a strip of twisted metal, worn by the ancient Gauls, Germans, and Britons. the force or power that makes something turn around a central point, especially in an engine (torquere ). or moment In physics, the tendency of a force to rotate the body to which it is applied. Torque is always specified with regard to the axis of rotation. It is equal to the magnitude of the component of the force lying in the plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation, multiplied by the shortest distance between the axis and the direction of the force component. Torque is the force that affects rotational motion; the greater the torque, the greater the change in this motion
(T) Twisting force or moment, measured in newton-metres (N-m) or millinewton-metres (mN-m) T=Fd, where d is the moment arm Torque constant (KT) The torque produced by an electric motor divided by current draw minus no load current KT=T/(I-I0) Expressed in newton-metres per amp (N-m/A) KT=1/Kw
Turning force, equal to force times radius See also Moment
torque off
To annoy, distress, or anger

It is hard to remember a talented player who so comprehensively bothered, annoyed, outraged and just plain torqued off the customers quite like Owens.

torque steer
A pull of a front wheel drive car's steering to one side (ie. away from straight ahead) when accelerating. This is an undesirable phenomenon and arises from the drive line components that take the engine's power to the two wheels
torque wrench
A torsion wrench
torque wrenches
plural form of torque wrench
torque converter
The torque converter converts hydraulic pressure within an automatic transmission to mechanical torque, which drives the drive shafts and, ultimately, the wheels of your car In design, the torque converter is similar to a turbine engine Fluid is forced under pressure through small passages called fins These passages vary in size and flip flop in direction As fluid is forced through the passages (which get smaller in size) a strong, almost solid "fluid coupling" is created This is what drives the driveshafts and wheels
torque converter
A mechanical or hydraulic device for changing the ratio of torque to speed between the input and output shafts of a mechanism
torque converter
hydraulic torque multiplier that cats as a fluid coupling Typically part of the Engine to Wheels drive train usually associated wit the transmission
torque converter
A unit in an automatic transmission, quite similar to the fluid coupling, that transfers engine torque to the transmission input shaft It also cushions the flow of power Unlike the fluid coupling, the torque converter can multiply engine torque This is accomplished by installing one or more stators between the torus members In the torque converter the driving torus is referred to as the "pump" and the driven torus as the "turbine " The engine drives the impeller which in turn impels fluid against the vanes of a turbine connected through transmission gears to the drive shaft of the automobile The stator redirects oil flow from the turbine to boost impeller action and multiply engine torque
torque converter
Centrifugal pump, driven by an engine, that rotates in a case filled with oil (22)
torque converter
Fluid coupling that acts as a clutch on an automatic transmission
torque converter
A form of fluid coupling used to transmit torque from the power plant to the rest of the drive train
torque converter
Connects the engine to an automatic transmission
torque converter
converter for transmitting and amplifying torque (especially by hydraulic means)
torque converter
(Otomotiv) A fluid coupling in an automatic transmission that transfers power from the engine to the transmission's input shaft
torque converter
A particular kind of fluid coupling with a third element added to the usual input and output turbines Called ""the stator,"" this additional element redirects the churning fluid against the output turbine, increasing torque This torque increase, however, is achieved at the expense of rpm and efficiency
torque wrench
A special wrench with a built-in indicator that shows you how much force you're applying to a bolt A torque wrench should always be used when doing any type of major engine work, when tightening fasteners on the brake system or suspension, when tightening wheel lug nuts or when you don't want to risk breaking a bolt
torque wrench
A manual wrench which incorporates a gauge or other method to indicate the amount of torque transferred to the nut or bolt
torque wrench
A tool that is used to indicate the amount of force being applied to a fastener
torque wrench
Device to measure the amount of torque or force applied to a threaded connection
torque wrench
a hand or power tool used to turn a nut on a bolt that can be adjusted to deliver a predetermined amount of torque
torque wrench
A wrench containing an adjustable mechanism for measuring and controlling the amount of torque or turning force to be exerted - often used in tightening nuts and bolts
torque wrench
A special wrench that measures the exact amount of torque being applied to tighten a nut or bolt
torque wrench
a wrench that has a gauge that indicates the amount of torque being applied
friction torque
The torque caused by the frictional force that occurs when two objects in contact move
Natural twisting that occurs when a circular knit fabric is in a relaxed state A circular knit is knit in a spiral motion and therefore "straight" stripes want to twist This phenomenon usually occurs in poor quality jacquard knits and is minimized by compacting and the use of stabilizing resins
past of torque
(torkt) Twisted: wreathed; bent This term is used to describe a dolphin haurient, twisted into a form nearly resembling the letter S
Wreathed; twisted
Twisted; bent; said of a dolphin haurient, which forms a figure like the letter S
A cervical ring of hair or feathers, distinguished by its color or structure; a collar
third-person singular of torque
present participle of torque
{i} imparting torque to; act of causing to twist (an axis)