to slurp

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A mouthful of liquid
To eat or drink (something) noisily
(verb) eat or drink with a loud sucking sound
(noun) an act or sound of slurping
A loud sucking noise made in eating or drinking
eat noisily; "He slurped his soup
{i} noisy sip, loud sucking noise (made especially while eating or drinking)
{f} make slurping sounds, take noisy sips, eat or drink with loud sucking sounds
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A slurp is a noise that you make with your mouth when you drink noisily, or a mouthful of liquid that you drink noisily. He takes a slurp from a cup of black coffee. to drink a liquid while making a noisy sucking sound (slurpen, probably from the sound)
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eat noisily; "He slurped his soup"
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If you slurp a liquid, you drink it noisily. He blew on his soup before slurping it off the spoon He slurped down a cup of sweet, black coffee
to slurp