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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
gümüşle kaplamak

Nikel, sert, gümüş beyazı bir metaldır. - Nickel is a hard, silver-white metal.

Altın gümüşten daha ağırdır. - Gold is heavier than silver.

{f} gümüşlemek
{s} gümüş gibi
çatal bıçak

Yemeğim için gümüş çatal bıçak takımı alabilir miyim? - Can I have silverware for my meal?

(Bilgisayar) açık gri
gümüş gibi parlayan
bıçak ve kaşıklar
gümüş kaplamak
gümüş sofra takımı

Temiz gümüş sofra takımımız yok gibi görünüyordu. - It looks like we have no clean silverware.

gümüş çatal bıçak takımı
{f} sırlamak
gümüş rengi

Tom'un saçı tüm gümüş rengi. - Tom's hair is all silver.

Onun saçı gümüş rengine döndü. - His hair has turned silver.

aynayı sırlamak
{f} beyazlamak
{f} gümüş rengine boyamak
{f} gümüşle
{f} ağarmak
{i} gümüş eşya

Gümüş eşyaları cilalı tutmazsan parlaklığını kaybederler. - If you don't keep the silverware polished, it'll lose its luster.

{i} gümüş para

Birkaç gümüş param var. - I have several silver coins.

Gümüş paranın miktarı ne kadar büyük olursa, rüşvet o kadar büyük olur. - The larger the amount of silver, the larger the amount of corruption.

(isim) Sim

Simyagerler adi metalleri altına ve gümüşe dönüştürmeye çalıştılar. - Alchemists tried to transmute base metals into gold and silver.

Bakır ve gümüş her ikisi de metaldir. - Copper and silver are both metals.

gümüşten yapılmış
silver fir beyaz çam ağac
gümüşe benzer
gümüş kaplama eşya
gümüşe benzer şey
(Tıp) Ag sembolü ile bilinen atom no: 47 ve atom ağırlığı: 107.880 olan kimyasal element, gümüş
berrak silver anniversary yirmibeşinci evlenme yıldönümü
beyaz ve parlak
gümüş çatal bıçak

Yemeğim için gümüş çatal bıçak takımı alabilir miyim? - Can I have silverware for my meal?

gümüş,v.gümüşle: n.gümüş
{f} gümüş renge dönüştürmek
(Nükleer Bilimler) (ag) gümüş
{f} gümüşle kaplamak
{i} (sofrada kullanılan) çatal, bıçak ve kaşıklar
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A surname anglicised from the German Jewish ornamental surname Silber
A female given name from the metal

Silver here, my darling wife, insists on the services of a particular yacht upholsterer. - - - From the way he said the woman's metal name Quayle thought it was changed from a stodgier Alice or Bernice.

An English surname for a silversmith or a rich man, or for someone having silvery gray hair or living by a silvery brook
A male given name from the metal, or transferred from the surname

I'll level with you, Mr. Cummings. / Silver, he corrected. / Sounds like the Lone Ranger's horse, she said.

Denoting the twenty-fifth anniversary, especially of a wedding

Mostly, these have been relationships of 10 or less years. However, one respondent has celebrated her silver wedding anniversary.

Any items made from silver or any other white metal
A shiny gray color

silver colour:.

Made from silver
Having a color like silver: a shiny gray
Made from another white metal
Cutlery and other eating utensils, whether silver or made from some other white metal
{v} to cover with leaf-silver, to gild
{a} made of silver, white, beguiling, soft
{n} a white hard metal, money made of it
{i} family name
coat with a layer of silver or a silver amalgam; "silver the necklace"
silverware eating utensils
in the minerals argentite, proustite, pyrargyrite, ceragyrite, etc
Silver is used to describe things that are shiny and pale grey in colour. He had thick silver hair which needed cutting
made from or largely consisting of silver; "silver bracelets
metals, so-called, not being easily oxidized, and is used for coin, jewelry, plate, and a great variety of articles
You can use silver to refer to all the things in a house that are made of silver, especially the cutlery and dishes. He beat the rugs and polished the silver
Chemical symbol Ag Brilliant, rare "precious metal" with high ductility, excellent thermal conductivity, low level of electrical resistance Usually found as by-product of base metal ores, sometimes with gold Historical use has been coinage, jewelry, tableware, but has major industrial applications in photography, dentistry, electronics, chemicals, and medicine manufacture
Precious; costly
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A lustrous, white, metallic element, atomic number 47, atomic weight 107.87, symbol Ag
To cover with silver; to give a silvery appearance to by applying a metal of a silvery color; as, to silver a pin; to silver a glass mirror plate with an amalgam of tin and mercury
born with a silver spoon in your mouth: see spoon. Metallic chemical element, one of the transition elements, chemical symbol Ag, atomic number
a medal made of silver (or having the appearance of silver) that is usually awarded for winning second place in a competition
A naturally occurring metal that is acquired as a by-product during retrieval of other metals like copper, lead, zinc and gold It is used in surgical prostheses, splints, fungicides, coins, photographic materials, electrical products, paints, and batteries Silver in water can form various salts or adsorb to various inorganic compounds, or humus and other organic debris
coins made of silver
A white metal commonly found associated with lead ores Also found in the oxidised zones of ore deposits and in hydrothermal veins
make silver in color; "Her worries had silvered her hair"
lustrous gray; covered with or tinged with the color of silver; "silvery hair"
It is a white, lustrous precious metal, valued for its beauty. It is also valued for its electrical conductivity, which is the highest of any metal. Between copper and gold in their common group of the periodic table, it is intermediate between them in many properties. Widely distributed in nature in small amounts, as the native metal and in ores, it is usually recovered as a by-product of copper and lead production. Its use in bullion and coins was overtaken in the 1960s by demand for industrial purposes, especially photography. It is also used in printed electrical circuits, electronic conductors, and contacts. It is the catalyst for converting ethylene to ethylene oxide, the precursor of many organic chemicals. Its use in alloys in sterling (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper) and plated silverware, ornaments, and jewelry remains important; yellow gold used in jewelry is typically 25% silver, and gold dental alloys are about 10% silver. Silver dental fillings are an amalgam of silver and mercury. Silver in compounds, the most important of which is silver nitrate, has valence
Measured in mg/L or ppm
To polish like silver; to impart a brightness to, like that of silver
Atomic weight 107
Silver is a valuable pale grey metal that is used for making jewellery and ornaments. a hand-crafted brooch made from silver. silver teaspoons
a white metallic element that is sonorous, ductile, very malleable, capable of a high degree of polish, and chiefly univalent in compounds, and that has the highest thermal and electric conductivity of any substance
Sweet; gentle; peaceful
Bright; resplendent; white
expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively; "able to dazzle with his facile tongue"; "silver speech"
A shiny gray/grey color/colour
Usual goal after Bronze Certificate for flights of 5 hours, 3300 ft gain of height and 50 km cross country Starting point for lots of options like comps, cross country, instructing or just enjoyment
The color of silver
A distributor who has reached a monthly volume of 7500 points in one month
An elemental metal valued for its conductivity, purity, malleability, ductility, and shine Pure silver is relatively soft and is usually alloyed with a small amount of copper to make a more workable metal Fine Silver is pure silver Sterling Silver is 92 5 parts silver and 7 5 parts copper Coin silver is 80 parts silver and 20 parts copper
a light shade of gray
Anything having the luster or appearance of silver
Polished pewter
a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography
Of or pertaining to silver; made of silver; as, silver leaf; a silver cup
Silver is similar to gold in corrosion resistance It costs less than other precious metals, is very soft when fully annealed, but work hardens during fabrication It provides very good conductivity and solderability It is widely used as a plating or coating
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Silver consists of coins that are made from silver or that look like silver. the basement where £150,000 in silver was buried
Known from around 5000 BC The metal is too soft for any use other than jewellery and trade Often occurs with lead, from which it can be separated by cupellation Native silver is known, but it is usually extracted from ores Melting point: 961° C First used in Greece [3000 BC]
coins made of silver a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography turn silver; "The man's hair silvered very attractively"
used in Ionization units Silver ions can function as a bactericide
{i} Ag, argentum, whitish metallic element (Chemistry); element used to make jewelry, coins, etc.; coins made of silver; money; silverware; grayish-white metallic color
Specific gravity 10
A white, ductile metallic element that is highly malleable and capable of a high degree of polish
To make hoary, or white, like silver
A soft, white metallic element , lustrous, malleable and ductile One of the precious metals used in making coins, jewelry and fine ornamental wares
To acquire a silvery color
{f} make silvery in color; coat with silver, plate with silver
turn silver; "The man's hair silvered very attractively"
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