to mob

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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
etrafına toplanmak
başına üşüşmek
{i} kalabalık

Polis öfkeli kalabalıkla karşı karşıyaydı. - The policeman was confronted by the angry mob.

Öfkeli kalabalık, arabaları devirdi ve mağazaların önündeki camları kırdı. - The angry mob overturned cars and smashed storefront windows.

ayak takımı
çevresini sarmak
serseri grubu
(Bilgisayar) cep

Cep telefonun var mı? - Do you have a mobile phone?

Onun cep telefonu, diğer telefonları engelleyen radyo emisyonu üretti. - His mobile phone produced radio emissions that interfered with other phones.

topluca saldırmak
hücum etmek
mobile phone
araç telefonu
başına üşüşmek
etrafına toplanmak
{f} toplan
gürültücü kalabalık
serseri türkümü
mobile phone
halta çınkası
mobile phone
yancık alısünü
mobile phone
Taşınabilir telefon, cep telefonu
mobile phone
Mobil telefon, taşınabilir telefon, cep telefonu
(Askeri) ana harekat üssü; seferberlik (main operations base; mobilization)
mob law halk tarafından yürütülen kanun
merakla etrafını sarmak
{i} halk tabakası
{f} güruh halinde saldırmak
linç kanunu
kitle halinde hücum etmek
{i} k.dili. gangster çetesi
insan kalabalığı
dili gangsterler çetesi
{f} toplanmak
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Man Over Board, used e.g. on the emergency button of a satellite navigator. By pushing the button the operator stores the coordinates of a man overboard incident for easy access
Missing On Blog: the act of abandoning ones blog (or weblog) for an extended period of time. Example:
A non-player character that exists to be fought or killed to further the progression of the story or game
A promiscuous woman; a harlot or wench; a prostitute
The Mafia, or any such criminal group

What if it is a mob killing? They can’t hurt me, but….

mobile phone
{n} a woman's cap, crowd, populace, noice
{v} to scold, harass, riot, overbear, press
Mobility Allowance
Any non-player character, but typically refers to a creature you fight for xp Comes from the old text-based RPGs, where NPC's were stored in mob files
A throng; a rabble; esp
Mike O'Brien
disapproval People sometimes use the mob to refer in a disapproving way to the majority of people in a country or place, especially when these people are behaving in a violent or uncontrolled way. If they continue like this there is a danger of the mob taking over
A movable object is a graphical object that is manipulated separately from the background These are seen all the time in computer games When implemented in hardware, MOBs are sometimes called sprites
Wedding photographerese: Mother of the Bride The MOB is a dreaded creature and the primary reason you should never think of using wedding photography to subsidize your photoethnography
main operating base
to crowd around someone or something
{i} disorderly crowd of people; populace, common people; riffraff
a disorderly crowd of people
M - an O - verB - oard: A feature in G P S receivers to quickly mark a given location as you are traveling Some receivers then activate a GOTO navigation function to that waypoint
You can refer to the people involved in organized crime as the Mob. casinos that the Mob had operated
press tightly together or cram; "The crowd packed the auditorium"
Short for mobile A mob is a non-player character, something that you can interact with, attack, charm, etc Mobs can range from the monsters that haunt the woods and crypts to the guildmasters that teach you your skills
an unlawful or riotous assembly; a disorderly crowd
An unruly group of people
To wrap up in, or cover with, a cowl
A commonly used collective noun for animals such as horses or cattle
A highly emotional crowd whose members engage in, or are ready to engage in, violence against a specific target, which may be a person, a category of people, or physical property
A contraction of the Latin mobile vulgus (the fickle crowd) The term was first applied to the people by the members of the Green-ribbon Club, in the reign of Charles II (Northern Examiner, p 574 )
The lower classes of a community; the populace, or the lowest part of it
{f} crowd, throng; swarm angrily, riot
To crowd about, as a mob, and attack or annoy; as, to mob a house or a person
a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities
If you say that someone is being mobbed by a crowd of people, you mean that the people are trying to talk to them or get near them in an enthusiastic or threatening way. They found themselves being mobbed in the street for autographs
A mobcap
A mob is a large, disorganized, and often violent crowd of people. The inspectors watched a growing mob of demonstrators gathering
an association of criminals; "police tried to break up the gang"; "a pack of thieves"
to mob

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