to keep up

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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
tutmak için
devam ettirmek
ayak uydurmak

Zamana ayak uydurmak için kitaplar ve dergiler okurum. - I read books and magazines to keep up with the times.

Sana ayak uydurmak zor. - It's hard to keep up with you.

devam etmek

Tom'la devam etmek zor. - It's hard to keep up with Tom.

ayakta kalmak
yukarda tut

Sadece evet ve hayır diyen biriyle bir konuşmayı sürdürmek zor. - It is difficult to keep up a conversation with someone who only says yes and no.


Diğer öğrencilere yetişmek için çalışmak zorundaydım. - I had to study hard to keep up with the other students.

Onlara yetişmek için yeterince hızlı koşamadım. - I couldn't run fast enough to keep up with them.

ayakta tutmak
yukarıda tutmak
seviyesine ulaşmak
idame etmek
yukarda tutmak
bakımını sağlamak
su üstünde tutmak
(Ticaret) sürmek

Böylesine büyük bir evi geçindirmek için çok para gerekir. - It takes a lot of money to keep up such a big house.

yüksekte tutmak
(deyim) (hava) degismeden kalmak,devam etmek
(deyim) neşeli ve canlı kalmak
yüksek tutmak
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
To maintain; to preserve; to prevent from deteriorating

The NRA is pumping groundwater into the River Itchen in Hampshire to keep up its flow and is trying to save three streams, the Tong, the Little Stour and the Dour from going dry this summer.

To stay even or ahead

They ran so fast I could hardly keep up.

To ensure that one remains well-informed about something

I always try to keep up with (or keep up on) current affairs.

To continue with (work, etc)

If the borrower could no longer afford to keep up the payments, the longer he stayed in the home the more the interest bill mounted.''.

If you keep up with someone or something that is moving near you, you move at the same speed. She shook her head and started to walk on. He kept up with her
To keep up with something that is changing means to be able to cope with the change, usually by changing at the same rate. wage increases which keep up with inflation Things are changing so fast, it's hard to keep up
If you keep something up, you prevent it from growing less in amount, level, or degree. There will be a major incentive among TV channels to keep standards up Opposition forces are keeping up the pressure against the government
keep informed; "He kept up on his country's foreign policies"
keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction; "We preserve these archeological findings"; "The old lady could not keep up the building"; "children must be taught to conserve our national heritage"; "The museum curator conserved the ancient manuscripts"
maintain a required pace or level; "He could not keep up and dropped out of the race
If you keep up with what is happening, you make sure that you know about it. She did not bother to keep up with the news
If you keep up with your work or with other people, you manage to do or understand all your work, or to do or understand it as well as other people. Penny tended to work through her lunch hour in an effort to keep up with her work Life is tough for kids who aren't keeping up in school
lengthen or extend in duration or space; "We sustained the diplomatic negociations as long as possible"; "prolong the treatment of the patient"; "keep up the good work"
prevent from going to bed at night; "The anticipation of the trip kept the children up all night"; "I kept myself up all night studying for the exam"
maintain a required pace or level; "He could not keep up and dropped out of the race"
continue, persist, maintain one style of working; preserve, maintain
If you keep something up, you continue to do it or provide it. I was so hungry all the time that I could not keep the diet up for longer than a month They risk losing their homes because they can no longer keep up the repayments
to keep up

    Турецкое произношение

    tı kip ʌp


    /tə ˈkēp ˈəp/ /tə ˈkiːp ˈʌp/


    [ t&, tu, 'tü ] (preposition.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English tO; akin to Old High German zuo to, Latin donec as long as, until.


    ... And sometimes it was like, me trying to keep up with ...
    ... is that because the voucher wouldn't necessarily keep up with health care inflation, it was ...

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