to incapacitate

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to deprive of power, capacity, competency, or qualification
to make incapable (of doing something)
To deprive of capacity or natural power; to disable; to render incapable or unfit; to disqualify; as, his age incapacitated him for war
If something incapacitates you, it weakens you in some way, so that you cannot do certain things. A serious fall incapacitated the 68-year-old congressman. + incapacitated in·ca·paci·tat·ed He is incapacitated and can't work
make unable to perform a certain action; "disable this command on your computer"
{f} limit ability, disable; disqualify (Law)
To deprive of legal or constitutional requisites, or of ability or competency for the performance of certain civil acts; to disqualify
injure permanently; "He was disabled in a car accident"
to incapacitate

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    to in·ca·pac·i·tate

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    tı înkıpäsîteyt


    /tə ənkəˈpasəˌtāt/ /tə ɪnkəˈpæsɪˌteɪt/

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