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kirpikkanatlı böcek
ekin biti
{i} (çoğ. thrips) (Zooloji) kirpikkanatlı böcek, kirpikkanatlı
ekin bit
fidanları yiyen ufak böcek
tobacco thrips
tütün zararlısı
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Any one of numerous small insects of the order Thysanoptera, especially those which attack useful plants, as the grain thrips (Thrips cerealium)
Tiny brown-yellow winged insets cause flecked or silver-white stippling, streak on leaves and flowers Control: Cut off and dispose of faded flowers Can spray with appropriate chemical
Thrips are very small insect pests that attack a number of different plants species, ranging from onions to pears Thrips will generally attack plants already stressed As they are sucking insects, the leaves and fruit may become deformed in severe attacks In lesser cases, the leaves may only wilt or lose color Thrips thrive in hot, dry conditions, so well watered plants should be protection enough Use insecticidal soap if thrip populations are high
These sucking insects feed on juices and plant tissue Indoor thrips like gloxinias
Any of various minute insects of the order Thysanoptera, having usually four narrow wings fringed with hairs, and many of which are major pests of cereals and fruit trees. Any of some 5,000 species (order Thysanoptera) of tiny winged insects that feed chiefly on plants, inhabiting temperate and tropical areas worldwide. Many species damage cultivated plants, by either sucking the sap or transmitting viral plant diseases. A few species are predators. Thrips reach a maximum length of about half an inch (15 mm). Most have two pairs of long, narrow, hair-fringed wings
Any one of numerous small species of Thysanoptera, especially those which attack useful plants, as the grain thrips (Thrips cerealium)
any of various small to minute sucking insects with narrow feathery wings if any; they feed on plant sap and many are destructive
genus thrips
type genus of the Thripidae
onion thrips
injurious to onion plants and sometimes tobacco
pear thrips
A minute leaf-eating insect (Taeniothrips inconsequens), originally native to Europe, that is a common pest of pear, maple, almond, and other trees in the eastern United States
tobacco thrips
injurious to growing tobacco and peanuts

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    /ˈᴛʜrəps/ /ˈθrɪps/


    [ 'thrips ] (noun.) 1795. Latin, woodworm, from Greek.

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