telltale compass

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An upturned compass, suspended from the ceiling of a cabin, allowing a captain or other officer to check the course of a ship without going to the deck

The captain was quick enough, racing back to the companion and down the stairs in two bounds, where, although the cabin was half full of water, he contrived to wrench away the tell-tale compass that swung over the saloon-table; and he was on the poop again with it in an instant. The instrument, however, was heavy, but he had hard work to carry it with both hands; and he managed to get to the side with it. — J.C. Hutcheson, Teddy, 1887.

telltale compass

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    tell·tale com·pass

    Турецкое произношение

    telteyl kʌmpıs


    /ˈtelˌtāl ˈkəmpəs/ /ˈtɛlˌteɪl ˈkʌmpəs/

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