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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{s} mayhoş
iğneli (söz)

Turta yapmak için yumurta yağ ve şekere ihtiyacın var. - To make a tart, you need eggs, butter and sugar.

Kaşar (ahlaksız kadın anlamında)
{i} sokak kızı
{i} k.dili. fahişe, orospu, paçoz
sokak kadın
{i} tart
{i} ahçı. tart
{s} ekşi
{s} sert

Tartar sertleşmiş diş plağının bir şeklidir. - Tartar is a form of hardened dental plaque.

{i} kötü kız

Biraz yaban mersini topladıktan sonra, bir pasta yaparım. - After I pick some blueberries, I make a tart.

tart up
tart s.o./s.t. up
İng., k.dili. birini/bir şeyi allayıp pullamak
tart up
allayıp pullamak
apple tart
(Gıda) elmalı tart
strawberry tart
(Gıda) çilekli pasta
meydan okuma
apple tart
elma tart
lobster tart
ıstakoz tart
keskin olarak
{i} keskinlik
{i} sertlik
Турецкий язык - Турецкий язык
(Hukuk) Tard
Kovma, çıkarma
Kalıpta pişen bir tür meyveli pasta
tart suçu
Disiplin suçuyla belli süreler için okuldan veya meslekten uzaklaştırılma
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Sharp; keen; severe

He gave me a very tart reply.

To practice prostitution
By extension, any woman with loose sexual morals
A type of small open pie, or piece of pastry, containing jelly or conserve; a sort of fruit pie
Sharp to the taste; acid; sour

I ate a very tart apple.

To practice promiscuous sex
Of wine: high or too high in acidity
A prostitute
To dress garishly or ostentatiously
{n} a small fruit pie
{a} sour, acid, keen, severe
A tart remark or way of speaking is sharp and unpleasant, often in a way that is rather cruel. The words were more tart than she had intended = acid + tartly tart·ly `There are other patients on the ward, Lovell,' the staff nurse reminded her tartly
A species of small open pie, or piece of pastry, containing jelly or conserve; a sort of fruit pie
A taste due to an excess of acidity, or low pH (below 4 0)
pastry cup with a filling of fruit or custard and no top crust a small open pie with a fruit filling
If something such as fruit is tart, it has a sharp taste. The blackberries were a bit too tart on their own, so we stewed them gently with some apples. = sharp
sharp; acceptable if not too acidic
A pastry crust with shallow sides but no top crust It is filled with French cream and topped with fresh fruit
Sharp-tasting because of acidity
{s} sour, sharp, bitter; biting, cutting, barbed
A sweet- or savory-filled baked pastry with no top crust
A secondary coffee taste sensation characterized by a predominantly puckering, sour sensation along the sides of the tongue Caused by higher-than-normal percentage of sour acids, almost giving the taste a puckering sensation
Wine whose taste is similar to that of vinegar
{i} pastry similar to a pie, fruit pastry; prostitute (derogatory Slang)
Sharp; keen; severe; as, a tart reply; tart language; a tart rebuke
a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money
Synonym for "acidic"
A shallow open-face savory or sweet pie, or similarly shaped dessert
A descriptor for wines with high acid content and unripe fruit flavors Not a compliment Thin: It is said of wines that lack substance and structure
Sharp-tasting because of acidity Occasionally used as a synonym for acidic
A tart is a shallow pastry case with a filling of food, especially sweet food. jam tarts. a slice of home-made tart
Also referred to as acidic Young white wines often have this characteristic
a small open pie with a fruit filling
Sharp to the taste; acid; sour; as, a tart apple
{f} dress up; fancy up; improve the appearance of something
A pastry crust with shallow sides, a filling and no top crust
disapproval If someone refers to a woman or girl as a tart, they are criticizing her because they think she is sexually immoral or dresses in a way that makes her look sexually immoral
Pastry shell with shallow sides and no top crust that is filled with a savory or sweet filling
pastry cup with a filling of fruit or custard and no top crust
harsh; "sharp criticism"; "a sharp-worded exchange"; "a tart remark"
tasting sour like a lemon
Acidic; sharp tasting
tart burner
A decorative, usually ceramic, pot containing a candle made from fragrant wax
tart up
To modify or repackage a product, service, or idea to make it more attractive or easier to sell

They tarted up their business plan to make it look like YouTube.

tart up
To dress garishly
tart up
To dress like a prostitute
tart up
decorate in a cheap and flashy way; "the small-town bar was all tarted up"
tart up
dress up in a cheap and provocative way decorate in a cheap and flashy way; "the small-town bar was all tarted up
tart up
dress up in a cheap and provocative way
Bakewell tart
a tart consisting of a shortcrust pastry shell, spread with jam and covered with a sponge-like filling enriched with ground almonds (known as frangipane)

They ordered soda scones and sandwiches, Victoria sponge cake and cling peaches, choux pastries and flapjacks, Bakewell tart and trifle with extra cream..

butter tart
A tart filled with butter, sugar, eggs, and often raisins
card tart
A rate tart
cherry Bakewell tart
a Bakewell tart with icing and half glacé cherry on top
credit card tart
A rate tart
egg tart
A baked pastry commonly made in Hong Kong, Macau and other parts of Asia consisting of an outer pastry crust that is filled with egg custard
jam tart
jam tart
An open tartlet filled with jam
neenish tart
A small tart with a pastry base, gelatine-set cream filling, and covered with icing in two colours, half and half
pop tart
A female pop music performer famed more for sexuality than for music

After much effort, she was able to overcome the pop tart label and be taken seriously as a musician.

pop tart
A toaster pastry

Carl Kasell will come to their house and cook his signature dish, breakfast à la Edwards, which is two pop tarts and a Benson and Hedges.

raspberry tart
A fart
rate tart
A person who signs up for a credit card that has a special introductory offer, such as low or zero interest for a certain period, uses the card for the duration of the offer, then cancels the card and switches to another with a similar offer, and so on
The characteristic of being tart; sharpness of taste; sourness; bitterness
{a} sharply, sourly, keenly, severely
{n} sharpness, sourness, keenness, illnature
apple tart
a tart filled with sliced apples and sugar a small open pie filled with sliced apples and sugar
apple tart
a small open pie filled with sliced apples and sugar
apple tart
a tart filled with sliced apples and sugar
butter tart
{i} (Cookery) Canadian tart made of butter and filled with raisins and nuts
disapproval tart up
If someone tarts up a room or building, they try to improve its appearance, often with the result that it looks vulgar. `Have you ever wondered why British Rail would rather tart up their stations than improve services?' he asked. tarted-up pubs
lobster tart
a pastry shell filled with cooked lobster
past of tart
present participle of tart
Somewhat tart
In a tart manner; with acidity
sarcastically, sharply, bitingly
in a tart manner; "`Never mind your immortal soul,' she said tartly
In a tart manner; sourly or bitterly
in a tart manner; "`Never mind your immortal soul,' she said tartly"
The quality or state of being tart
{i} sharpness, sarcasm
third-person singular of tart
plural of tart
Турецкий язык - Английский Язык

Tom burned himself badly when he took the pie pan out of the oven without using an oven mitt. - Tom fırın eldiveni kullanmadan tart kalıbını fırından çıkardığında kendini kötü şekilde yaktı.

What's your favorite kind of pie? - Favori tart türün nedir?

(Askeri) dishonourable discharge
(Askeriye) repulsing, repulsion, repulse
expulsion; dismissal, discharge
weigh out
{f} weigh

Many European kitchens have scales because dry ingredients are measured by weight there, unlike in America, where they are measured by volume. - Birçok Avrupa mutfakları orada kuru malzemeler tartıldığından dolayı bir teraziye sahiptir, Amerika'da tam tersine onlar hacimle ölçülmektedir.

Can you weigh this, please? - Lütfen bunu tartar mısınız?

{f} weighing

My sister is always weighing herself. - Kız kardeşim her zaman kendini tartıyor.

The Japanese fiscal authorities are weighing measures to restore public confidence in their economic management. - Japon mali otoriteleri ekonomik yönetimlerinde ulusal güveni yenilemek için önlemleri tartıyorlar.

tart etmek
(Askeri) expel
tart kalıbı
(Gıda) pie pan
tart etme
(Hukuk) expulsion
tart hamuru
(Gıda) pie crusts
tart hamuru
meyveli tart
(Gıda) fruit tart
peynirli tart
(Gıda) cheese tart
peynirli tart
(Gıda) cheese-cake
elmalı tart
apple pie

She baked her husband an apple pie. - Kocasına elmalı tart pişirdi.

She made her husband an apple pie. - Kocasına elmalı tart yaptı.

üzümlü ve elmalı tart
üzümlü ve elmalı tart harcı