take the piss

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Biriyle ya da bir şey hakkında dalga geçmek
Biriyle dalga geçmek, alaya almak
take a piss
bir piss almak
take a piss
kaba işemek
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
To tease, ridicule or mock (someone)

A lot of that stuff that people take the piss out of all the time is actually useful.

To subject those present to teasing, ridicule or mockery, or to show contempt

He's either taking it easy or taking the piss by arriving at the eleventh hour.

(Slang) to mock; ridicule
take the piss

    Турецкое произношение

    teyk dhi pîs


    take the mickey


    /ˈtāk ᴛʜē ˈpəs/ /ˈteɪk ðiː ˈpɪs/


    () Possibly from piss-proud. Figuratively, to be piss-proud is to have false pride, thus 'taking the piss out of' is to deflate their false pride, usu. through disparagement or mockery.(Can we this quote?) Quinion, Michael, World Wide Words: Take the piss, retrieved on 2011-01-07: As the piss-proud metaphor became dated, 'taking the piss out of someone' came to refer to disparagement or mockery itself, regardless of the pride of the subject. Eventually the shortened, intransitive form 'taking the piss' became common.

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