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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{f} üzerinde etkisi olmak
{f} sallanmak
{i} sallanma
{f} sallan

Tom müzikle hafifçe sallanıyor. - Tom is swaying slightly with the music.

Ağaçların rüzgarda nasıl sallandığına bak. - Look how the trees sway in that wind.

{f} eğmek
{f} saptırmak
{f} eğilimi olmak
{f} meyilli olmak
{i} hükmetme
{i} etki
{i} dalgalanma
{f} aklını çelmek
{f} 1. (dik duran bir şey/biri) (bir yandan öbür yana) sallanmak; sallamak: She was swaying to the music. Kendini müziğin etkisine bırakarak
(dik duran bir şey/biri) (bir yandan öbür yana) sallanmak; sallamak: She was swaying to the music. Kendini müziğin etkisine bırakarak
iki yana veya ileri geri sallanmak
{i} egemenlik
{i} tesir
{f} hüküm sürmek
istediği tarafa yöneltmek
{f} sarsılmak
{f} hükmetmek
bedenin ağırlığını vererek hisa etmek
{i} idare
{f} yönlendirmek
{f} etki etmek
etkileyerek yönlendirmek
sway about
sway of the bourgeoisie
Burjuvazinin sway
sway-back horse
sway geri at
sway a flag
bayrak dalgalandırmak
sway bracer
(Nükleer Bilimler) kelepçe
sway bracing
enine takviye
sway up
hizaya getirmek
hold sway
egemen olmak
{i} sallanma
{f} sallan

Tom uyandığında yangın çıktığını ve ayrıca şimdi tamamen yalnız olduğunu gördü. Tek ses esintiyle sallanan bambunun hışırtısıydı. - When Tom awoke, he saw that the fire had gone out and, also, that he was now completely alone. The only sound was the susurration of the bamboo, swaying in the breeze.

Çiçekler rüzgarda sallanıyordu. - The flowers were swaying in the wind.

held sway
düzenlenen sway
hold sway
Bir şey üzerinde güç ve etki sahibi olmak

Fundamentalist beliefs hold sway over whole districts, ensuring the popularity of religious leaders.

be under the sway of
-in nüfuzu altında olmak
be under the sway of
-in egemenliği altında olmak
hold sway over
üzerinde etkili olmak
hold sway over
hakim olmak
under the sway of
etkisi altında
under the sway of
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
The maximum amplitude of a vehicle's lateral motion
To be drawn to one side by weight or influence; to lean; to incline
To have weight or influence
To cause to incline or swing to one side, or backward and forward; to bias; to turn; to bend; warp; as, reeds swayed by wind

judgment swayed by passion.

The act of swaying; a swaying motion; a swing or sweep of a weapon
To influence or direct by power, authority, persuasion, or by moral force; to rule; to govern; to guide. Compare persuade

Do you think you can sway their decision?.

Rule; dominion; control
Preponderance; turn or cast of balance
To move or swing from side to side; or backward and forward; to rock

The trees swayed in the breeze.

Influence, weight, or authority that inclines to one side; as, the sway of desires

I doubt I'll hold much sway with someone so powerful.

A rocking or swinging motion
To hoist (a mast or yard) into position

to sway up the yards.

To move or wield with the hand; to swing; to wield; as, to sway the scepter
A switch or rod used by thatchers to bind their work
To bear sway; to rule; to govern
{v} to govern, rule, wield, hang heavy, lean
{n} power, command, rule, influence, direction
When people or things sway, they lean or swing slowly from one side to the other. The people swayed back and forth with arms linked The whole boat swayed and tipped. a coastal highway lined with tall, swaying palm trees
A tilt of the chest to the side without lowering the torso
To cause to incline or swing to one side, or backward and forward; to bias; to turn; to bend; warp; as, reeds swayed by wind; judgment swayed by passion
To move or swing from side to side; or backward and forward
move back and forth or sideways; "the ship was rocking"; "the tall building swayed"; "She rocked back and forth on her feet"
The act of swaying; a swaying motion; the swing or sweep of a weapon
To hoist
To influence or direct by power and authority; by persuasion, or by moral force; to rule; to govern; to guide
generally considered to be an excess of lateral (side to side) body motion in a golf swing Example: Many players have a noticeable or even pronounced sway in their swing
cause to move back and forth; "rock the cradle"; "rock the baby"; "the wind swayed the trees gently"
If you are swayed by someone or something, you are influenced by them. Don't ever be swayed by fashion. last minute efforts by the main political parties to sway the voters in tomorrow's local elections
move or walk in a swinging or swaying manner; "He swung back"
win approval or support for; "Carry all before one"; "His speech did not sway the voters"
Lateral movement of head, shoulders or body in the back swing
To hoist; as, to sway up the yards
pitching dangerously to one side
{i} swaying movement, moving back and forth; influence, control, authority
A tilt of the chest to the side, without lowering the torso Stretching from the side upwards
control the state, ironical in this context
controlling influence
If you are under the sway of someone or something, they have great influence over you. How mothers keep daughters under their sway is the subject of the next five sections
{f} move back and forth, swing to and fro; lean in a certain direction; be inclined toward, be sympathetic to; hesitate; cause to swing; influence, affect the opinion or actions of
If someone or something holds sway, they have great power or influence over a particular place or activity. South of the Usk, a completely different approach seems to hold sway
sway bar
An anti-sway bar
sway bars
plural form of sway bar
sway bar
Sometimes called the "anti-sway bar," "stabilizer bar," or even "roll-bar " It is usually a round bar which connects the left wheel suspension assembly with the right side It may be found at the front and/or rear Its main function is to keep both wheels rolling at the same rate when meeting bumps; but it also affects handling A front anti-roll bar increases understeer and a rear bar increases oversteer
sway bar
Beer vendor at the track (see stagger)
sway bar
Or anti-roll bar Bar used to resist or counteract the rolling force of the car body through the turns
sway bar
Bars that attach to the suspension arms at either or both the front or rear end to limit wheel travel and take away some traction Normally used only for fine-tuning the car Not recommended for bumpy tracks Use a thin bar at first to experiment, then try thicker bars
sway bar
A stabilizer that keeps the vehicle body from leaning excessively in turns
sway bar
Either of the two bars used in coupling the front and rear sleds of a logging sled; also, the bar used to couple two logging cars
sway bar
A bar attached to the hounds, in the rear of the front axle, so as to slide on the reach as the axle is swung in turning the vehicle
anti-sway bar
a connection between the left and right suspension systems of a road vehicle designed to stabilise it, and reduce roll or sway on corners
anti-sway bars
plural form of anti-sway bar
hold sway
Be pre-eminent; have the greatest influence (over someone or something); dominate
Bent backwards, as in swayback
Simple past tense and past participle of sway
hold sway
rule, continue to influence, endure, exist
hold sway
be master; reign or rule
Bent down, and hollow in the back; sway-backed; said of a horse
past of sway
present participle of sway
An injury caused by violent strains or by overloading; said of the backs of horses
plural of sway
third-person singular of sway

    Турецкое произношение



    stay, steady, leave alone


    /ˈswā/ /ˈsweɪ/


    [ 'swA ] (noun.) 14th century. Earlier swey 'to fall, swoon', from Middle English sweyen, from Old Norse sveigja 'to bend, bow', from Proto-Germanic *swaigjanan (cf. East Frisian swooie 'to swing, wave', Dutch zwaaien 'id.', Low German sweuen 'to sway in the wind'), from Proto-Indo-European *swaig- (cf. Lithuanian svaĩgti ‘to become giddy or dizzy’, Avestan pairišxuaxta ‘to surround’, Sanskrit svájate ‘he embraces, enfolds’).


    sways, swaying, swayed


    ...  These are the works of Aristotle, which held sway for almost 2,000 years until the ...

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