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Irritated, gloomy, upset; moodily silent

The first question of course was, how to get dry again: they had a consultation about this, and after a few minutes it seemed quite natural to Alice to find herself talking familiarly with them, as if she had known them all her life. Indeed, she had quite a long argument with the Lory, who at last turned sulky, and would only say, “I’m older than you, and must know better.” And this Alice would not allow, without knowing how old it was, and, as the Lory positively refused to tell its age, there was no more to be said.

Any carriage seating only the driver
A low two-wheeled cart, used in harness racing
{a} sullen, sour, morose, gloomy, obstinate
a light two-wheeled vehicle for one person; drawn by one horse
Someone who is sulky is sulking or is unwilling to enjoy themselves. I was quite sulky, so I didn't take part in much. a sulky adolescent. sulking, or tending to sulk moody (Probably from sulke (1600-1700))
Logging arch equipped with wheels instead of crawler tracks and towed behind a skidding machine (22)
A very high two wheeled vehicle for one person, hence its name It was used for timed trotting matches and still is today, although the seat is much lower now
Moodly silent; sullen; sour; obstinate; morose; splenetic
A small, one- or two-wheeled platform towed by a walk-behind machine on which the operator can stand or sit
sullen or moody
A light two-wheeled carriage for a single person
{s} morose, sullenly aloof
The state or quality of being sulky
The result or product of being sulky
comparative of sulky
plural of sulky
superlative of sulky
in a sulky manner; "`What else could I do?' said Graham sulkily"
In a sulky manner
In a sulking manner
in a sulky manner; "`What else could I do?' said Graham sulkily
in a sulky manner, sullenly, morosely
a mood or display of sullen aloofness or withdrawal; "stayed home in a sulk"
{i} quality of being sulky, sullen aloofness, moroseness
The property of being sulky
a sullen moody resentful disposition
The quality or state of being sulky; sullenness; moroseness; as, sulkiness of disposition
a sullen moody resentful disposition a feeling of sulky resentment
a feeling of sulky resentment