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To lease or rent all or part of (a property) (to another person)
Simple past tense and past participle of sublet
Property leased by one lessee to another
a lease from one lessee to another
transitive, past of sublet
The partial transfer of a tenant's right in a rental property to a third party (See sublease)
The form sublet is used in the present tense and is the past tense and past participle of the verb. If you sublet a building or part of a building, you allow someone to use it and you take rent from them, although you are not the owner and pay rent for it yourself. The company rented the building, occupied part and sublet the rest. to rent to someone else a property that you rent from its owner sublet sth to sb
When a tenant, with the consent of the landlord, gives all their obligations and rights of the lease to another person, for a period of time, during the course of the tenancy agreement The original tenant intends on coming back to the unit before the end of the tenancy agreement
lease or rent all or part of (a leased or rented property) to another person; "We sublet our apartment over the summer
To underlet; to lease, as when a lessee leases to another person
{f} rent to another person property that one is currently leasing from someone else; subcontract
to rent property you lease to another person while still maintaining your responsibility to your landlord under your rental agreement You are responsible for the actions of your sublessee This is not the same as assigning, where you transfer the responsibility of your agreement to the new tenant See assign
lease or rent all or part of (a leased or rented property) to another person; "We sublet our apartment over the summer"
plural of sublet
third-person singular of sublet
Subletting occurs when the tenant gives another person the right to occupy all or part of a premises over which you hold a tenancy, but keep the tenancy in your own name
present participle of sublet
The leasing of space from one tenant to another tenant
The leasing of premises by a lessee to a third party for part of the lessee's remaining term
A leasing by a tenant to another, who holds under the tenant

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