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alt başlık

Alt başlıklar kullanmak gereklidir. - It is necessary to use subheadings.

{i} ikinci müdür
{i} altbaşlık; sürmanşet
{i} bölüm başlığı
ikinci derecede yazı başlığı
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A subheading or subtitle
{i} assistant to the manager; subordinate division; subordinate heading or title
a heading of a subdivision of a text
(or Crosshead), a sub-heading within the text of a story or article, often used to break columns of type and make the page more attractive or easy on the eye A crosshead is centred in the column, a subhead usually set left
A subdivision of an appropriation or fund Subheads identify the budget activity and are designated by four digits/characters
A secondary heading or title, usually set in smaller or less prominent type than a main heading in the text of typeset copy to top
A title used to introduce secondary sections of a document; hierarchically one level beneath sections introduced by *heads

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    [ -"hed ] (noun.) 1673. sub- +‎ head

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