statue of liberty national monument

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statue of liberty
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statue of liberty
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National monument, Liberty Island (formerly Bedloe's Island), New York Harbor, New York, U.S. Covering 58 ac (23 ha), it includes the colossal statue Liberty Enlightening the World, sculpted by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi and dedicated in 1886, and the nearby Ellis Island Museum. The 302-ft (92-m) statue of a woman holding a tablet and upraised torch was given to the U.S. by France and commemorates the friendship of the two countries; a plaque at the pedestal's entrance is inscribed with a sonnet by Emma Lazarus. The Statue of Liberty was declared a national monument in 1924; in 1965 nearby Ellis Island was added to the monument
Statue of Liberty
A Statue of Liberty play, which involves a fake in which the quarterback assumes a pose like that of the statue
Statue of Liberty
A pattern where the props are thrown from one hand to the other in a circular motion, with one hand raised significantly above the other
Statue of Liberty
A very large statue in New York harbor considered emblematic of the United States and its attractiveness to voluntary immigrants
Statue of Liberty
a statue of a woman on Liberty Island, in New York Harbour, given to the US by France in 1884 to celebrate the American and French revolutions. The woman is holding up a torch in her right hand and represents freedom
Statue of Liberty
statue located off the shores of New York, symbol of America
statue of liberty
a large monumental statue symbolizing liberty on Liberty Island in New York Bay
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statue of Liberty
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statue of liberty national monument

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    stat·ue of Li·ber·ty Na·tion·al mo·nu·ment

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    /ˈstaˌʧo͞o əv ˈləbərtē ˈnasʜnəl ˈmänyo͞omənt/ /ˈstæˌʧuː əv ˈlɪbɜrtiː ˈnæʃnəl ˈmɑːnjuːmənt/

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