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elektrik motorunda hareketsiz kısım
sabit bobin [elek.]
sabit bobin
clutch stator
(Otomotiv) kavrama statoru
compressor stator
(Havacılık) kompresör statoru
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The component in a motor that contains the windings; it does not turn
The nonrotating part of the magnetic structure in an induction motor
when both are large; The stationary member of an electrical machine, as of an induction motor
The part of a motor that is stationary Usually the outside casing, or platform
The Stator is another term for the windings
part of assembly that remains stationary with respect to a rotating part Stator vanes are a stationary set of airfoils in a compressor
The stationary part of a motor A PM DC motor holds its magnets in the stator
Intermediate sleeve between barrel and cylinder
The case inclosing a turbine wheel; the body of stationary blades or nozzles
The fixed part forming the reference for the moving diaphragm in a planar speaker
mechanical device consisting of the stationary part of a motor or generator in or around which the rotor revolves
The stationary part of a motor or other machine
The set of those cells that are ON in all phases
The part of the fan's motor that is stationary
The stationary magnetic field in a generator Also, component of a torque converter that improves oil circulation and thus, torque
The stationary magnetic field in a generator Also component of torque converter that improves oil circulation and thus, torque
The stationary part of a rotating electric machine Commonly used to describe the stationary part of an ac machine that contains the power windings
The part of a motor, generator or alternator that does not rotate In permanent magnet alternators it holds the coils and laminates
A stationary part in or about which another part (the rotor) revolves, esp
The fixed part of an AC motor, consisting of copper windings within steel laminations
stationary member of a motor
the stationary or fixed element of a pump or motor
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mech. stator
egzoz stator palaları
(Havacılık) exhaust stator blades

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    [ 'stA-t&r ] (noun.) 1902. New Latin, from Latin, one that stands, from stare to stand; more at STAND.

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