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(Bilgisayar) dosya durum bilgisi
(Latince - statim) Tıbbi bir tavsiye ya da reçetede "hemen/derhal" anlamında kullanılır
Acil, derhal

1g IV stat followed by 6g over 24 hour.

Statistic(s) kelimesinin kısaltması
{k} immediately, static, stationary, statistics, statute
(Bilgisayar) istatistik

Bu istatistiklere göz at. - Check out these stats.

unknown stat
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen istatistik
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bakınız stadyum
bakınız: stadyum
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Short for statistics
Immediately, now – usually used in medical situations, to connote extreme urgency
Short for statistic
stat (statistic): item of numerical data
(adverb) immediately
(adverb) (Latin - statim) (in a medical direction or prescription) immediately
stat. (statue) 3-dimensional sculpture or cast of a person or animal
(Abbreviation) statistic(s)
stat. (stationary) (adjective) not moving; fixed in place, not movable; static, unchanging; settled, not moving from place to place
Space Telescope Astrometry Science Team
The station of each node on a branch in the detailed output for a time step
{i} item of numerical data
printing term
Immediately, from the Latin stattim
Mode of the TCS receiver
Quick! On the double! Hurry up! Get moving! When you hear the word STAT in a hospital, it means all these things
Short for photostat, a photographic print of line copy or halftones
Statutes at Large
Immediately, now - usually used in medical situations, to connote extreme urgency
pharmaceutical abbreviation, immediately (statim)
Short for photostat, therefore a general term for an inexpensive photographic print of line copy or halftone
See: Contact Print to top
A statistic. Immediate: "Next I want a stat EKG and a chest film" (David Shobin)
reserve city
stat dec
statutory declaration
stat whore
To guide one's actions based on the (usually public) statistic results those actions will generate

He's stat whoring by using Javascript to make pages.

stat whore
A person that increases their statistics (especially in video games) through unscrupulous or tacky means
stat whored
Simple past tense and past participle of stat whore
stat whores
plural form of stat whore
stat whoring
Present participle of stat whore
{s} not moving; fixed in place, not movable; static, unchanging; settled, not moving from place to place
{i} 3-dimensional sculpture or cast of a person or animal
{i} law; code, set of rules
A short form of statistics (data, figures)

What do the stats tell us?.

Another one of those shortened words (SEE: SHORTENING WORDS), Stats is short for statistics and it's what you ask if you want to find out things about someone Yes, that's right, gone are the days of, "Why don't you tell me about yourself?" Now people just ask you, "Stats?" and that means you're meant to tell them your age, sex, etc Of course, this makes us feel less like human beings and more like audit forms, but at least it's quick and easy and takes away silly things like warmth and personality T
Stats is a branch of mathematics concerned with the study of information that is expressed in numbers. statistics
statistics; when used in audio hosting context means things like how many people have clicked on each song, how many visits your page receives per month, etc
Stats are facts which are obtained from analysing information expressed in numbers. Stats is an abbreviation for `statistics'. a fall in April's retail sales stats
The term Stats as it applies to web design means a system that gathers statistical information about your websites visitiors
Data about the use of a website or the effectiveness of an ad campaign The depth and breadth of stats is unlimited
Colloquial: statistics Refers to the total edits made by a given editor
{i} (Informal) statistics, branch of mathematics that deals with the collection and interpretation of numerical information
Statistics are important to find out who is coming to your site, what pages they are visiting, where they are coming from, which browsers are being used and more Some hosts will provide access to only the raw log files, while others allow you to generate statistics reports
Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense, Accuracy, and Evade is the common combat grouping due to how they are affected in combat and by certain moves However, HP and Level are also individual stats and vary among different pokemon The Accuracy and Evade stats aren't included when giving stat listings for individual pokemon because the values are the same for every pokemon unless it is modified by an item or move
A short form of statistics (the subject)
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(Tıp) state

You can see the Empire State Building from here. - Buradan Empire State binasını görebilirsiniz.

What's the height of the Empire State Building? - Empire State Building'in yüksekliği nedir?


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    /ˈstat/ /ˈstæt/


    [ stat ] (noun.) circa 1961. From Latin statim (“immediately”).


    ... And do you know what the most exciting thing about this stat is? It's the fact that we ...
    ... important stat for all of us, is two and half times what it ...

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