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Üç gündür, bayat bir sandviç, çürük bir elma ve biraz bozuk yoğurt dışında hiçbir şey yemedim. - I haven't had anything to eat for three days other than a stale sandwich, a rotten apple, and some spoiled yogurt.

O ekmek bayatlamaya başladı. - That bread has started to go stale.

{s} eskimiş
çiş (at, sığır)
{s} vadesi geçmiş
{s} yorgun
sigir vb
tazeliğini gidermek
{f} işemek (sığır)
çiş at
{s} bitkin
at veya sığır sidiği veya kaşanmas
{s} tükenmiş
{f} bozulmak
{f} eskimek
sidik at

Üç gündür, bayat bir sandviç, çürük bir elma ve biraz bozuk yoğurt dışında hiçbir şey yemedim. - I haven't had anything to eat for three days other than a stale sandwich, a rotten apple, and some spoiled yogurt.

stale check
geçersiz çek
stale air
bayat hava
stale bill of lading
geçkin konşimento
stale bill of lading
(Ticaret) geçgin
stale bill of lading
(Ticaret) bayatlamış konşimento
stale check
(Ticaret) vadesi geçmiş çek
stale data
(Bilgisayar) eski veri
grow stale
bayat büyümek
become stale
bitkin bir şekilde
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A low class of prostitute (originally used as a decoy by other criminals)

I stand dishonor'd, that have gone about / To link my dear friend to a common stale .

No longer new; no longer interesting; established; old; as, stale news, a stale joke, etc
Having lost its freshness from age. Stale food, for instance, is food which is still edible but has lost its deliciousness

If you don't enter a room for some days, the air will become stale.

A bird used as a decoy to trap other birds
An ambush
A division of armed men posted in a specific place, either for an ambush or for other reasons
A person's position, especially in a battle-line

for ony stowre that ever ye see us bestadde, stondys in your stale and sterte ye no ferther.

Any trap or lure

Still as he went, he craftie stales did lay / With cunning traines him to entrap vnwares.

{v} to make water as a horse, to wear out
{n} urine, old beer, a handle, step, prostitute
{a} old, long kept, vapid, corrupt, stinking
To make vapid or tasteless; to destroy the life, beauty, or use of; to wear out
that of beasts
Wine with lifeless, stagnant qualities Usually found in wines that were kept in large vessel storage for an excessive length of time
Stale food is no longer fresh or good to eat. Their daily diet consisted of a lump of stale bread, a bowl of rice and stale water. fresh
To make water; to discharge urine; said especially of horses and cattle
A stalking-horse
That which is stale or worn out by long keeping, or by use
A woman who is "no longer fresh" or who has lost her virginity
Having lost the life or graces of youth; worn out; decayed
A prostitute
A sector which was previously visible/scannable but is no longer so is said to be stale
The stock or handle of anything; as, the stale of a rake
Stale air or a stale smells is unpleasant because it is no longer fresh. A layer of smoke hung low in the stale air. the smell of stale sweat
disapproval If you say that a place, an activity, or an idea is stale, you mean that it has become boring because it is always the same. Her relationship with Mark has become stale. The urine of certain animals, especially horses and camels
Used to describe any grab where you grab the wheels of the skate
A laughingstock; a dupe
A taste fault that gives the coffee brew an unpleasant taste Result of moisture and oxygen penetrating the bean fiber and adversely affecting the organic material that remains in the coffee bean, occurring in the staling process after roasting
Old, over the hill wines which have lost their freshness without developing the positive aspects of successful aging
A stalemate
Vapid or tasteless from age; having lost its life, spirit, and flavor, from being long kept; as, stale beer
no longer new; uninteresting; "cold (or stale) news"
Worn out by use or familiarity; having lost its novelty and power of pleasing; trite; common
Urine, esp
{f} make or become stale, dry out, spoil
urinate, of cattle and horses
Just as it sounds, not fresh but dull
Wines that are lifeless, having lost their fresh, lively qualities
Not new; not freshly made; as, stele bread
Wines that have lost their fresh, youthful qualities are called stale Opposite of fresh
lacking originality or spontaneity; no longer new; "moth-eaten theories about race"
{s} not fresh, moldy, spoiled; musty; trite, hackneyed; tired, weary
Something set, or offered to view, as an allurement to draw others to any place or purpose; a decoy; a stool pigeon
urinate, of cattle and horses showing deterioration from age; "stale bread
showing deterioration from age; "stale bread"
stale metaphor
A metaphor which has lost its impact due to overuse

at the end of the day is a stale metaphor because the football commentator uses it every five minutes.

stale air
mixture of gases that don't flow; extremely hot, suffocating, burdensome heat
stale bread
dry bread, old bread
stale joke
old joke, joke that is well known and overly told
The result or product of being stale
The state or quality of being stale
{n} an old or bad state, oldness, sourness
Of old; long since
In a state stale manner
having lost purity and freshness as a consequence of aging
The property of being stale
unoriginality as a result of being dull and hackneyed
{i} lack of freshness, oldness, dryness, moldiness
The quality or state of being stale
plural of stale