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A philosophic doctrine, opposing materialism, that claims transcendency of the divine being, the altogether spiritual character of reality and the value of inwardness of consciousness
A belief that the dead communicate with the living through a medium having special powers
Known also as spiritism in France and South America-spiritualism refers to communication with spirits through a medium and is a recognized religious movement
A quasi-religious popular movement which developed in the 18th and 19th centuries, and which held that the soul survives bodily death, and that the living can communicate with the spirits of the deceased; see also Medium 6
The quality or state of being spiritual
Spiritualism is the belief that the spirits of people who are dead can communicate with people who are still alive. + spiritualist spiritualists spir·itu·al·ist He was a poet and an ardent spiritualist. the belief that dead people are able to send messages to living people. Belief that the souls of the dead can make contact with the living, usually through a medium or during abnormal mental states such as trances. The basis of spiritualism is the conviction that spirit is the essence of life and that it lives on after the body dies. A medium is a person sensitive to vibrations from the spirit world, who may hold meetings known as séances in order to seek messages from spirits. A "control" is a spirit that gives messages to the human medium, who in turn gives them to other people. Spirits are also thought to manifest themselves through such means as rapping or levitating objects. Some spiritualists claim powers of paranormal healing. Scientific study of spiritualist phenomena has been the focus of the Society for Psychical Research, founded in Britain in 1882. See also theosophy
or Spiritism A system which started up in America in 1848 It professes that certain living persons have the power of holding communion with the “spirits of the dead ” Nineteenth century spiritualism probably owes its origin to Andrew Jackson Davis, “the seer of Poughkeepsie ”
concern with things of the spirit
is a Science Philosophy and Religion based on the fact that life is continuous and that the phenomena of Nature is the expression of Infinite Intelligence   These facts are demonstrated through communication by means of mediumship with those who live in the spirit world
{i} belief in the existence of spirits and the ability to establish contact with the dead through a medium; philosophical viewpoint maintaining that spirit is the prime element of reality
The belief that there do exist spiritual entities in the world, or that there exists a spiritual world or realm above or beyond the physical world
refers to a religious belief which is also linked with psychic phenomena Sometimes spiritualism allows for Christian beliefs and practise
(theology) any doctrine that asserts the separate existence of God
A religious movement that is popular throughout the world Its members believe strongly in life after death, and attend séances in order to contact the spirit world Founded by the Fox sisters in New York in 1848
the belief that the spirits of dead people can communicate with people who are still alive (especially via a medium) (theology) any doctrine that asserts the separate existence of God
The doctrine, in opposition to the materialists, that all which exists is spirit, or soul that what is called the external world is either a succession of notions impressed on the mind by the Deity, as maintained by Berkeley, or else the mere educt of the mind itself, as taught by Fichte
the belief that the spirits of dead people can communicate with people who are still alive (especially via a medium)
A belief that departed spirits hold intercourse with mortals by means of physical phenomena, as by rappng, or during abnormal mental states, as in trances, or the like, commonly manifested through a person of special susceptibility, called a medium; spiritism; the doctrines and practices of spiritualists
One who maintains the doctrine of spiritualism
One who believes in direct intercourse with departed spirits, through the agency of persons commonly called mediums, by means of physical phenomena; one who attempts to maintain such intercourse; a spiritist
Somebody who practises spiritualism; somebody who believes in the possibility of communication with the dead; somebody who attempts to communicate with the dead
One who professes a regard for spiritual things only; one whose employment is of a spiritual character; an ecclesiastic
someone who serves as an intermediary between the living and the dead; "he consulted several mediums"
{i} one who believes in spiritualism; one who is involved in the spiritual aspect of things
of or relating to or connected with spiritualism
Pertaining to spiritualism; spiritualistic
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