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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{s} ruhsal

Biz Tom'un biraz ruhsal rehberliğe ihtiyacı olduğunu hissediyoruz. - We feel Tom needs some spiritual guidance.

Animelerde olduğu gibi Japon bilim-kurgusu onların Budist ve Animistik ruhsallığını içerir. - Japanese sci-fi, as in anime, involves their Buddhistic and Animistic spirituality.


Tom Gençliğime baktığımda manevi bir boşluk görüyorum. dedi. - When I look back on my youth, I see a spiritual void, said Tom.

Onlar ona hem maddi hem de manevi destek verdiler. - They gave him both material and spiritual support.

{s} ruhsal, ruhi, ruhani, ruhla ilgili
{s} (Felsefe) manevi, tinsel

Bazıları ruhaniliğin sofuluktan tamamen farklı olduğuna inanıyor. - Some believe that spirituality is utterly different from religiosity.

zencilerin söylediği ilahi
{s} zeki
{s} akli
{s} dini değerlere önem veren
kiliseye veya kutsal şeylere ait
Allah tarafından ilham edilmiş
Amerika zencilerine özgü ilâhi
{s} düşünsel
{s} dini
ruhani olarak
{i} Amerikalı zencilerin
{s} tanrısal
{s} esprili
{s} akıllı
(Felsefe) tinsel
spiritual leader
manevi lider
spiritual father
manevi baba
financial and spiritual support
maddi ve manevi destek
inspiration, spiritual fulfillment
ilham, manevi tatmin
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Of or pertaining to the God or a Church; sacred
Of or pertaining to the spirit or the soul
An African-American folk song, or a song in that style
Of or pertaining to spirits; supernatural
{a} incorporeal, heavenly, pure, mental
Spiritual means relating to people's thoughts and beliefs, rather than to their bodies and physical surroundings. She lived entirely by spiritual values, in a world of poetry and imagination. temporal + spiritually spir·itu·al·ly Our whole programme is spiritually oriented but not religious. + spirituality spir·itu·al·ity the peaceful spirituality of Japanese culture
pg 33, par 6
A spiritual function, office, or affair
See Spirituality, 2
Of or pertaining to the soul or its affections as influenced by the Spirit; controlled and inspired by the divine Spirit; proceeding from the Holy Spirit; pure; holy; divine; heavenly-minded; opposed to carnal
Of or pertaining to the moral feelings or states of the soul, as distinguished from the external actions; reaching and affecting the spirits
Consisting of spirit; not material; incorporeal; as, a spiritual substance or being
(also see Axiom): The spiritual axiom determines how much faith is required to tap into the power of beings recognized as "gods " It also determines the similiarity between the cosm and its mythos At 0, no concept of higher beings or an after life exists On Earth (9) miracles can be performed by groups of faithful and divine intervention occurs, but never at the request of the faithful At 19, miracles can be invoked by the untrained and "Paradise" can be reached by mortals In the Living Land (24 - the highest realm) one mythos is dominant and all others cause a contradiction At 33 the realm and the mythos are one and all aspects are literally true; no other mythos can access miracles
Of or pertaining to the intellectual and higher endowments of the mind; mental; intellectual
Knowing where the "power" is Seeking access to things and knowledge of power Engaged in Power struggle (This can be helpful or harmful Raven is by nature, seeking the mystery, but often playing it tongue in cheek Raven sometimes tricks himself )
concerned with or affecting the spirit or soul; "a spiritual approach to life"; "spiritual fulfillment"; "spiritual values"; "unearthly love"
Spiritual means relating to people's religious beliefs. The spiritual leader of Ireland's 3.7 million Catholics = religious secular
a kind of religious song originated by Blacks in the southern United States
A practice that is concerned with sacred or religious things It is a belief that is concerned with the higher qualities of the mind, and of the spirit, as opposed to matter © R Houle Close
Not lay or temporal; relating to sacred things; ecclesiastical; as, the spiritual functions of the clergy; lords spiritual and temporal; a spiritual corporation
{i} folk song with a religious theme (especially one that originated among black people in the southern United States)
Religious songs developed by the Afro-American communities in the USA
a kind of religious song originated by Blacks in the southern United States lacking material body or form or substance; "spiritual beings"; "the vital transcendental soul belonging to the spiritual realm"-Lewis Mumford concerned with or affecting the spirit or soul; "a spiritual approach to life"; "spiritual fulfillment"; "spiritual values"; "unearthly love
{s} of the spirit world, incorporeal; of or pertaining to the spirit or soul; of or pertaining to the supernatural; religious, of or pertaining to sacred things; ecclesiastical, of or pertaining to the church
Intellectual Sensual
The quality of any activity which drives the human being forward towards some form of development -- physical, emotional, intuitional, social -- in advance of his present state
A spiritual is a religious song of the type originally sung by black slaves in America. a religious song of the type sung originally by African-Americans. In North American white and black folk music, an English-language folk hymn. White spirituals derived variously, notably from the "lining out" of psalms, dating from at least the mid-17th century. Where congregations could not read, a leader intoned the psalm one line at a time, alternating with the congregation's singing of each line to a familiar melody; the tune, sung slowly, was ornamented with passing notes, turns, and other graces. A second source was the singing of hymns set to borrowed melodies, often secular folk tunes. Themes included going home to the promised land and gaining ground against sin; typical refrains were "Roll, Jordan" and "Glory Hallelujah." The songs survive in oral tradition in isolated areas and also in the form of shape-note singings. African American spirituals developed in part from white rural folk hymnody but differ greatly in voice quality, vocal effects, rhythm, and type of rhythmic accompaniment. They were sung not only in worship but also as work songs, and the text imagery often reflects concrete tasks. Like the white gospel song, the modern African American gospel song derives from the spiritual
like or being a phantom; "a ghostly face at the window"; "a phantasmal presence in the room"; "spectral emanations"; "spiritual tappings at a seance"
1 relating to the spirit or soul and not to physical nature or matter; intangible 2 of, relating to, or characteristic of sacred things, the Church, religion, etc
in the psychic or dimensional world that we can't see with our regular eyes - what happens at the spiritual level affects us in many ways
concerned with sacred matters or religion or the church; "religious texts"; "a nenber if a religious order"; "lords temporal and spiritual"; "spiritual leaders"; "spiritual songs"
of or pertaining to the very deepest nature of life--that part of life in which a person relates to God
Having to do with spirit or soul as apart from the body or material things
lacking material body or form or substance; "spiritual beings"; "the vital transcendental soul belonging to the spiritual realm"-Lewis Mumford
spiritual awakening
A realization or inspiration about the connection with an entity or entities beyond the immediate and physical world, of "God" or other intangible, sacred spirit
spiritual healing
A form of alternative medicine in which spirits, normally of the dead, assist in curing the afflicted

After conventional medicine failed me, spiritual healing was a desperate last hope.

spiritual leader
a person who gives religious or sacred leadership, though not necessarily the leader of a religious organization
spiritual naturalism
A worldview that reveres nature, without belief in the supernatural

Spiritual Naturalism, being a rejection of supernaturalism, removes the religious image to further penetrate and intensify.

spiritual naturalist
A person who believes in spiritual naturalism
spiritual violence
The act of using religious grounds to persecute a particular person or group of people, without actual violence
spiritual world
A mythological metaphysical plane of existence parallel to the material world and occupied by spirits and other unearthly forces
spiritual world
The afterlife
spiritual worlds
plural form of spiritual world
spiritual being
an incorporeal being believed to have powers to affect the course of human events
spiritual bouquet
A card indicating that the sender will undertake certain devotional acts on behalf of another person, as in honor of a special occasion or in memoriam
spiritual bouquet
(Roman Catholic Church) a card indicating that the sender will perform certain devotional acts on behalf of another
spiritual center
place with a special importance for people of a certain belief
spiritual enrichment
adding a spiritual element to one's life
spiritual father
spiritual leader, guru, object of admiration
spiritual food
inspiration, spiritual fulfillment
spiritual integrity
spiritual wholeness
spiritual leader
a leader in religious or sacred affairs
spiritual leader
guru, spiritual father
spiritual life
engaging in the arts philosophy and culture
spiritual maturing
becoming spiritually developed
spiritual mother
female spiritual leader, female object of admiration
spiritual mother of
female spiritual guide of -
spiritual strength
power of a people to withstand crises about their right to live developed spiritual lives
spiritual world
a belief that there is a realm controlled by a divine spirit
negro spiritual
A genre of African American song, usually with a Christian text, and sung a cappella with no harmony; it developed into gospel music
In a spiritual manner; may refer to any of the senses of the adjective
{a} without bodily grossness, purely, divinely
Lords Spiritual
the bishops and archbishops (=priests of high rank) in the Church of England who are members of the House of Lords Lords Temporal, The
Negro spiritual
type of music that was developed by Black American slaves (generally concerned freedom and religious issues)
enriched his spiritual world
increased his knowledge of spiritual things
lords spiritual
bishops, cardinals
in a spiritual manner; "the ninth century was the spiritually freest period"
In a spiritual manner
in a spiritual manner; as a supernatural being
in a spiritual manner; "the ninth century was the spiritually freest period
In a spiritual manner; with purity of spirit; like a spirit
plural of spiritual