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testise ait
spermatic cord sperma kordonu
(Tıp) Meni ile ilgili
(Tıp) Erkek cinsiyet hürcesi (spermatozoon) veya hücreleriyel ilgili
{s} testis
spermaya ait
(Tıp) Meniyi ileten, meni taşıyan, spermatik, spermaticus
{s} sperma
spermatic fluid
spermatic fluid
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
of, pertaining to, or resembling sperm
producing, conveying or containing sperm; seminiferous
{a} full of sperm, seminal
{s} of or pertaining to sperm; containing or producing sperm; of a spermary
Of or pertaining to semen; as, the spermatic fluid, the spermatic vessels, etc
spermatic chord
tube which conveys sperm
spermatic cord
A cordlike structure, consisting of the vas deferens and its accompanying arteries, veins, nerves, and lymphatic vessels, that passes from the abdominal cavity through the inguinal canal down into the scrotum to the back of the testicle
spermatic cord
a structure resembling a cord that suspends the testis within the scrotum and contains the vas deferens and other vessels and nerves