some people

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bazı insanlar

Bazı insanlar başarıyı çok para kazanma olarak tanımlarlar. - Some people identify success with having much money.

Bazı insanlar Japonya'nın her şeyde 1 numara olduğuna inanıyor. - Some people believe that Japan is No.1 in everything.


Bazıları onu takip etti. - Some people followed him.

Bazıları tartışmaktan nefret ederler. - Some people hate to argue.

Английский Язык - Английский Язык
expresses disgust at the actions of a person; a response to a person doing something silly, bizarre, nonsensical or ill-mannered

Person B: Oh, some people! They just need to be shot.

some people

    Расстановка переносов

    some peo·ple

    Турецкое произношение

    sʌm pipıl


    /ˈsəm ˈpēpəl/ /ˈsʌm ˈpiːpəl/


    [ 's&m, for 2 without str ] (adjective.) before 12th century. Middle English som, adjective & pronoun, from Old English sum; akin to Old High German sum some, Greek hamE somehow, homos same; more at SAME.


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