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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
yola çıkma
borca mukabil sayılan borç
{i} karşılıklı dava
{i} kontrast
{i} vereceğini alacağına sayma
{i} denge unsuru
{i} tezat
{i} süs
(Ticaret) mahsup
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
{n} an account or demand to set against another
A counterclaim; a cross debt or demand; a distinct claim filed or set up by the defendant against the plaintiff's demand
Same as Offset, n
(Offset) - The reduction of the amount owed by one party to a second party by crediting the first party with amounts owed it by the second party The existence and scope of offset rights may be determined by contract language as well as statutory, regulatory and judicial law
{i} compensation, something that offsets a loss or injury; counterbalance, weight used to equalize; cross action, countersuit; decoration, ornament used to enhance another item through contrast
Full or partial payment of a delinquent account by deducting the amount owed from an income tax refund or other sum due a debtor from the Department of Revenue or any other state agency
structure where a wall or building narrows abruptly
Ink that is unintentionally transferred from the printed substrate to the back of the sheet above it as the pieces are stacked in a pile See also: offset silverprint A photographic print with having a brown color The paper used has been treated with silver chloride See also: blueline; brownprint; Van dyke spectrum All the colors of the rainbow created by passing sunlight or white light through a prism See visible spectrum; white light specular gloss See: gloss spline See vectors spread 1 An image that covers two pages that face each other in a book or publication Other terms: crossover; reader's spread See also: breakacross 2 Moving the edges of a line image outward a little to overlap a color Other term: fatty See also; bleed; choke; registration; trapping step tablet See gray scale step wedge See halftone step scale substrate The material on which printed images or coatings are applied (e g , cloth; film; foil; paper; etc )
That which is set off against another thing; an offset
See Offset, 7
That which is used to improve the appearance of anything; a decoration; an ornament