self assertive

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determined to advance one's own personality or views
Someone who is self-assertive acts in a confident way, speaking firmly about their opinions and demanding the rights that they believe they should have. If you want good relationships, you must have the confidence to be self-assertive when required. very confident about saying what you think or want self-assertion
offensively self-assertive
confidently aggressive; "too assertive as a salesman"; "his self-assertive and unflagging energy"
Disposed to self-assertion; self-asserting
self assertive

    Расстановка переносов

    self as·ser·tive

    Турецкое произношение

    self ısırtîv


    /ˈself əˈsərtəv/ /ˈsɛlf əˈsɜrtɪv/

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