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Scornfully mocking or cynical

He distances himself from people with his nasty, sardonic laughter.

Disdainfully or ironically humorous
scornfully or bitterly sarcastic
Scornful and mocking
{s} cynical, mocking, scornful, derisive
Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a kind of linen made at Colchis
reminded of all that one is missing"- Irwin Edman
If you describe someone as sardonic, you mean their attitude to people or things is humorous but rather critical. a big, sardonic man, who intimidated his students. showing that you do not have a good opinion of someone or something, and feel that you are better than them (sardonique, from sardonios, from sardanios; influenced by Sardonios , because of a plant from Sardinia (an Italian island) which causes the face to twist into a smile)
Forced; unnatural; insincere; hence, derisive, mocking, malignant, or bitterly sarcastic; applied only to a laugh, smile, or some facial semblance of gayety
disdainfully or ironically humorous; scornful and mocking; "his rebellion is the bitter, sardonic laughter of all great satirists"- Frank Schoenberner; "a wry pleasure to be reminded of all that one is missing"- Irwin Edman
sardonic laughter
scornful laughter, mocking laughter
sardonic smile
shrewd smile, sly smile, cunning grin
in a sarcastic manner; "`Ah, now we're getting at the truth,' he interposed sarcastically"
cynically, mockingly, derisively, scornfully
In a sardonic manner; cynically; mockingly; scornfully; sarcastically

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    /särˈdänək/ /sɑːrˈdɑːnɪk/


    [ sär-'dä-nik ] (adjective.) 1638. French sardonique Latin sardonius Ancient Greek σαρδόνιος (sardonios), alternative form of σαρδάνιος (sardanios, “bitter or scornful laughter”), which is often cited as deriving from the Sardinian plant (Ranunculus sardous), known as either σαρδάνη (sardanē) or σαρδόνιον (sardonion). When eaten, it would cause the eater's face to contort in a look resembling scorn (generally followed by death). It might also be related to σαίρω (sairō, “I grin”).

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