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(Otomotiv) aşınma
bearing runout
yatak gerinti boşluğu
plural of runout
ulaşma çoğul
axial runout
(Otomotiv) eksenel deformasyon
flywheel runout
(Otomotiv) volan salgısı
flywheel runout
(Otomotiv) volan eksantrikliği
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
The location control of a filleted surface tangent to a circular feature along its inner edge
A run out, a running out. The method of getting out in which a batsman, in making a run, has not reached the popping crease when a fielder breaks his wicket with the ball
Something that has been run out
(n/vb/adj ) without adequate protection
The distance between two pieces of protection on a route Also, when this distance becomes uncomfortably long, a climb is said to be runout Many of the slabby face climbs in Yosemite only have one or two bolts per pitch, making them extremely runout (and daunting)
(n) A filleted surface that runs tangent to a cylindrical one A runout is drawn on multiview drawings starting at the point of tangency, using a radius equal to that of the filleted surface, with a curvature of approximately one-eighth of a circle
Radial variation of a non-data physical dimension (also see Eccentricity )
The amount of wobble in a shaper or router
Runout is piping that is no more than 12 feet long and that is connected to a fixture or an individual terminal unit
For a rotary stage it is the maximum deviation of a point from an ideal plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation For a linear stage, any motion not along the axis of translation (see pitch roll and yaw)
A casting defect caused by incomplete filling of the mold due to molten metal draining or leaking out of some part of the mold cavity during pouring; escape of molten metal from a furnace, mold or melting crucible
The deviation from true center of points on the surface of a rotating shaft
The deviation from the desired form of a part surface of revolution detected during full rotation of the partpiece on a datum axis
n/vb/adj without adequate protection
The deviation from the desired surface or line in relation to the axis during one complete revolution
A change in dial indicator position at the surface of the rotor during one rotation of the rotor, used to measure out-of-roundness or indicate a bent shaft See also Eccentricity, Mechanical
A run out, a running out
Full indicator movement as measured around the circumference of a roll at any given point along the length of the body
The measure of the out of roundness of the tire causing a vibration which cannot be balanced