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Dümen, uçağın yalpalamasını kontrol etmeye yarar. - The rudder works to control the yaw of the plane.

(Askeri) istikamet düzeni
(Askeri) dümen yelpazesi
dümen bedeni
{i} malt karıştırma küreği
{i} yönetim
rudder bardümen pedalı
(Askeri) İSTİKAMET DÜZENİ, DÜMEN: Suda veya havada bir araca istikamet vermeye yarayan kısım. Özellikle, bir gemi veya uçağın gerisine menteşelenen ve vasıtayı iki yana çevirmek için kullanılan oynak levha
rudder angle
dümen açısı
rudder frame
(Askeri) dümen palası
rudder neck
(Askeri) dümen boğazı
rudder tiller
dümen yekesi
rudder wheel
(Askeri) dümen dolabı
rudder bar
direksiyon çubuğu
rudder bar
dümen pedalı
rudder balance
istikamet dümen dengesi
rudder blade
dümen yelpazesi, dümen kanadı
rudder head
dümen başı
rudder post
dümen anası
rudder trim tap
istikamet dümen fletneri
rudder angle indicator
dümen müşiri
rudder assembly
dümen tesisatı
rudder balanced
dengelenmiş dümen
rudder bearing
dümen yatağı
rudder blade
(Askeri) dümen kanadı
rudder controls
yan dümenleri
rudder head
(Askeri) dümen çubuğu kafası
rudder heel
dümen topuğu
rudder heel pintle
dümen topuğu iğneciği
rudder indicator
dümen göstergesi
rudder indicator kit
dümen göstergesi kiti
rudder iron
dümen iğneciği
rudder midships
(Askeri) dümeni ortala! komutu
rudder pintle
dümen iğneciği
rudder position instrument
dümen pozisyonu aleti
rudder position sensor
dümen pozisyon sensörü
rudder servomotor
(Havacılık) dümen servomotoru
rudder shaft
dümen mili
rudder skeg
dümen topuğu
rudder spar
(Havacılık) istikamet dümen lonjeronu
rudder stock
(Havacılık) dümen anası
rudder stock
dümen rodu
rudder stop
dümen tamponu
(Bilgisayar) dümen/pedallar
(Bilgisayar) dümen/pedal
balanced rudder
kararlı istikamet düzeni
double rudder
çift istikamet dümeni
horizontal rudder
derinlik dümeni
like a ship without a rudder
serseri mayın gibi
like a ship without a rudder
(deyim) Amaçsız bir şekilde, rüzgar nereden eserse oraya doğru
balanced rudder
dengeli dümen
bow rudder
(Askeri) baş dümeni
drag rudder
(Havacılık) engelleme yon dümeni
{s} başsız
{s} yöneticisiz
semi balanced rudder
yarı dengeli dümen
yoke of the rudder
(Askeri) dümenin boyunduruk yekesi
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A control surface on the vertical stabilizer of a fixed-wing aircraft or an autogyro. On some craft, the entire vertical stabilizer comprises the rudder. The rudder is controlled by foot-operated control pedals
An underwater vane used to steer a vessel. The rudder is controlled by means of a wheel, tiller or other apparatus (modern vessels can be controlled even with a joystick or an autopilot)
{n} the thing that steers a ship, a sieve
The vertical control surface on the planes tail that controls the right or left movement of an aircraft nose from its vertical axis, know as yaw
Underwater part of a boat used for steering
The control surface on the tail that controls yaw Should be used in conjunction with ailerons except when on the ground
The mechanical appliance by means of which a vessel is guided or steered when in motion
a hinged vertical airfoil mounted at the tail of an aircraft and used to make horizontal course changes
The steering device of a ship
Submerged part of the steering gear that determines the direction the boat will follow
an upright blade that can be turned to left or right about a vertical axis, generally mounted on the transom and extending below the waterline to provide the means of turning a boat while underway
the parts of the tail surface that control an airplane's yaw; the rudder moves the nose left and right to control the direction in which the airplane turns
blade or plane on the stern of the kayak which can be rotated to assist in turning the boat On Wilderness Systems kayaks rudders are operated by cables attached to the boat's foot pegs Contrast with a skeg, which is fixed and keeps the kayak going in a straight line
Underwater fin mounted below the hull near the stern that controls boat steering
A movable flat blade hinged vertically at the transom of a boat as a means of steering It is controlled by a tiller or wheel
A device mounted near the stern of a vessel to control direction
A control surface at the rear of an aeroplane which deflects air left or right, and so changes the aircraft's heading If the rudder is deflected right, air is pushed right, the tail is pushed left and the nose will come round to the right This is movement in yaw Press 'Back' to return
A movable surface at or near the stern to control the directional stability of a kayak That on a sea kayak will be retractable, that on a sprint kayak will be fixed A complicated device to cure what is better treated by trimming the boat appropriately or using a simpler device, the retractable fin Rudders are not for steering
(Gr Pedalion) The book containing the rules and regulations prescribed by the Ecumenical Synods and the Fathers It is the Constitution of the Orthodox Church
A flat surface attached behind or underneath the stern, used to control the direction the boat is traveling
Yet another airplane term, but not as common as aileron and elevator This is what controls the yaw of an airplane, and is synonymous with the tail rotor / vertical stabilizer aka "tail fin "
A metal or wood plate on the stern of the boat used to direct the course of the boat
An aeroplane's rudder is a vertical piece of metal at the back which is used to make the plane turn to the right or to the left. a flat part at the back of a ship or aircraft that can be turned in order to control the direction in which it moves
Steering device at the stern The rudder in turn is connected to some cables (tiller ropes) that the coxswain can use to steer the shell Older shells have short wooden handles (knockers) on the tiller ropes These knockers are used by the coxswain not only to steer the shell, but also to rap out the cadence of the stroke rate on the gunwale
A control surface on the trailing edge of the vertical stabilizer that controls the yaw motion of the aircraft - that is, the motion of the nose of the aircraft left or right A trim system minimizes the force needed to hold the rudder in the proper position for various flight conditions
A small fin that allows the coxswain to steer the boat
{i} movable vertical blade located at the rear of an airplane or ship and used for steering
vertical flap on the tail fin that directs left/right movement
A rudder is a device for steering a boat. It consists of a vertical piece of wood or metal at the back of the boat
A carbon fibre fin, the rudder is suspended under the back of the boat to steer the boat
Hinged control surface located at the trailing edge of the vertical stabilizer, which provides control of the airplane about the Yaw axis and causes the airplane to Yaw left or right Left rudder movement causes the airplane to Yaw left, and right rudder movement causes it to Yaw right
(nautical) steering mechanism consisting of a hinged vertical plate mounted at the stern of a vessel a hinged vertical airfoil mounted at the tail of an aircraft and used to make horizontal course changes
A riddle or sieve
The control surface on the vertical stabilizer which is used to yaw the glider to the left or right The rudder is controlled by two rudder pedals Increasing pressure on the left rudder pedal while decreasing pressure on the right pedal causes the rudder to deflect to the left, which will yaw the glider to the left
(nautical) steering mechanism consisting of a hinged vertical plate mounted at the stern of a vessel
That which resembles a rudder as a guide or governor; that which guides or governs the course
In an aircraft, a surface the function of which is to exert a turning moment about an axis of the craft
It is a broad and flat blade made of wood or iron, with a long shank, and is fastened in an upright position, usually by one edge, to the sternpost of the vessel in such a way that it can be turned from side to side in the water by means of a tiller, wheel, or other attachment
A vertically hinged aluminum plate in a fiberglass housing mounted at the stern for directing the vessel's course
rudder authority
The degree of control that the rudder can exert over the yawing motion of an aircraft; related to rudder design and airspeed

At slow taxying speed there is insufficient rudder authority to steer the aeroplane.

rudder blade
the vertical blade on a rudder
Without a rudder. unsteerable, without guidance
like a ship without a rudder
(deyim) Without a purpose
A rudder
A rudder
Without a rudder
aimlessly drifting
A country or a person that is rudderless does not have a clear aim or a strong leader to follow. The country was politically rudderless for almost three months. without someone to lead you or give you an aim or direction
{s} lacking a rudder (about a ship or airplane)
plural of rudder

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    /ˈrədər/ /ˈrʌdɜr/


    [ 'r&-d&r ] (noun.) 14th century. Old English rōþor (“rudder”) from Proto-Germanic *rōþran (“rudder"; literally, "paddle, instrument for rowing”) from Proto-Germanic *rōanan "to row" from Proto-Indo-European *ere-, *rē- (“to row”) + Proto-Germanic *-þran, *-þraz, instrumental suffix. Akin to Old English rōwan (“to row”). More at rōwan, -þor.

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