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A tourist
Someone or something with a flexible neck

Hi, rubberneck'!' -- he clutched at her pear-like breast jutting from her sweater — 'how long did you think you'll duck me?'.

To watch by craning the neck (as though it were made of rubber), especially if the observer and observed are in motion relative to each other

The driver was so busy rubbernecking, trying to get a good view of the accident, that he was almost part of another accident.

Someone who engages in rubbernecking, or turning and staring
{i} one who is curious; tourist, sightseer, visitor
a tourist who is visiting sights of interest
disapproval If someone is rubbernecking, they are staring at someone or something, especially in a rude or silly way. The accident was caused by people slowing down to rubber-neck. + rubbernecker rubberneckers rubber·necker Pitt planted tall trees outside his home to block rubberneckers. to look around at something, especially something such as an accident while you are driving past - used to show disapproval
strain to watch; stare curiously; "The cars slowed down and the drivers rubbernecked after the accident"
a person who stares inquisitively
a person who stares inquisitively strain to watch; stare curiously; "The cars slowed down and the drivers rubbernecked after the accident
{f} look at with curiosity, gawk at
The act of slowing down whilst driving a vehicle, so as to look at the scene of an accident

The resulting wreckage blocks the entire southbound side of the Interstate, while the inevitable rubbernecking slows traffic on the northbound side to little more than the speed of a brisk walk..

past of rubberneck
Generally, any act of observation in a manner considered unduly overt or otherwise unseemly
present participle of rubberneck
third-person singular of rubberneck