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Tarihi sahne kapıcısı, Tom Skeleton, eskimiş koltuğunda oturdu, aktörlerin soyunma odalarından taş merdivenlerden yukarı gelirken dinledi. - Tom Skeleton, the ancient stage doorkeeper, sat in his battered armchair, listening as the actors came up the stone stairs from their dressing rooms.


Odaları değiştirebilir miyim? - Could I change rooms?

Odalar, ayrılış gününde saat on bire kadar boş bırakılmalıydı. - Rooms should be left vacant by eleven a.m. on the day of departure.


İki odalı bir daire kiralamak istiyorum. - I want to rent an apartment with two rooms.

Daire üç küçük oda ve bir banyodan oluşuyor. - The apartment consists of three small rooms and a bath.

{i} ev
{i} kalacak yer
{i} oda

Benim odam çok küçük. - My room is very small.

Odanın etrafında koşma. - Don't run around in the room.

rooms for singles
bekar odaları
rooms shown
(Bilgisayar) gösterilen oda sayısı
rooms shown
Gösterilen Odalar
{f} kalmak

Hangi odada kalmak istersiniz? - In which room would you like to stay?

changing rooms
(Spor) soyunma odaları
chat rooms
(Bilgisayar) konuşma odaları
connecting rooms
(Havacılık) bağlantılı odalar
dining rooms
yemek odaları
locker rooms
soyunma odaları
number of rooms
oda sayısı
operating rooms
(Tıp) ameliyathaneler
(Bilgisayar) odası

Oturma odasında video oyunları oynarken annem bana onunla birlikte alışverişe gidip gitmeyeceğimi sordu. - When I was playing video games in the living room, Mother asked me if I would go shopping with her.

Muayene odasından tam ayrılırken doktor hoşça kal diyerek elini salladı. - Just as we were leaving the exam room the doctor waved his hand saying, 'bye-bye'.


Bekleme salonunuz var mı? - Do you have any standing room?

Oda salonun sonundadır. - The room is at the end of the hall.


Sami iyi bir mekandaydı. - Sami was in a good room.

ABD'de tuvalet ve banyonun aynı mekanda olduğunun farkında değildim. - I wasn't aware that the toilet and the bath are in the same room in the United States.

block of rooms
bitişik oda

Odadaki herkes ne meydana geldiğiyle ilgili sersemledi. - Everyone in the room was stunned by what happened.


Bir pansiyonda yaşıyorum. - I live in a rooming house.


Arabada bir kişilik yer vardı. - There was room for one person in the car.

Televizyon için yer açmalısın. - You must make room for the television.


Apartmanında tek başına olduğunda, bağımsız hissedersin. Odanda tek başına olduğunda, özgür hissedersin. Yatağında tek başına olduğunda, yalnız hissedersin. - When you're alone in your apartment, you feel independent. When you're alone in your room, you feel free. When you're alone in your bed, you feel lonely.

dressing rooms
soyunma odaları
heat the rooms
oda işi
rest rooms
dinlenme odası
interconnecting rooms
birbirine açılan odalar
lunch rooms
{i} neden

Neden bir odayı paylaşmıyoruz? - Why don't we share a room?

Neden benim odamdasın? - Why are you in my room?


O odada gerçekten oturmak istemiyorum. - I really don't want to sit in that room.

boş yer

Herkes için yeterli boş yer var. - There's enough room for everybody.

sorry, currently we have no rooms
şu anda odamız yok maalesef
suite of rooms
geçişli odalar
there are no double rooms left
çift kişilik odamız kalmadı
there are no single rooms left
tek kişilik odamız kalmadı
virtual rooms
(Bilgisayar) sanal odalar
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
An adjustment factor used for various sized apartments to determine the qualifying percentage Type of unit Counts as 0 BR 3 5 rooms 1 BR 3 5 rooms 2 BR 4 5 rooms 3 BR 6 0 rooms 4 BR 7 0 rooms 5 BR 8 0 rooms 6 + BR 9 0 rooms
Both living rooms and bedrooms are included Toilets, bathrooms and small kitchens (less than 2 metres wide) do not count as "rooms"
It's funny, really, that where you go to chat are called Chatting Rooms (Well, actually, they're called Chat Rooms, but this is an English-correct Page here - hopefully) I mean, does that screen of messages and funny names look like a room to you? Why not Chatting Screen or Chatting Section or other titles like that? Hmm ok Those are pretty boring And the word "room" does offer a sense of cosiness Just watch out for Chatting Back Seat Of The Car, Chatting Bedrooms and Chatting Shower Cubicles Might suggest a bit of funny business, hmm? S
third-person singular of room
apartment consisting of a series of connected rooms used as a living unit (as in a hotel)
{i} accommodations; lodgings
plural of room
Florida rooms
plural form of Florida room
bar rooms
plural form of bar room
board rooms
plural form of board room
boiler rooms
plural form of boiler room
box rooms
plural form of box room
break rooms
plural form of break room
changing rooms
plural form of changing room
chat rooms
plural form of chat room
combination rooms
plural form of combination room
common rooms
plural form of common room
control rooms
plural form of control room
crush rooms
plural form of crush room
cutting rooms
plural form of cutting room
day rooms
plural form of day room
dining rooms
plural form of dining room
dressing rooms
plural form of dressing room
emergency rooms
plural form of emergency room
engine rooms
plural form of engine room
family rooms
plural form of family room
fitting rooms
plural form of fitting room
front rooms
plural form of front room
games rooms
plural form of games room
guest rooms
plural form of guest room
ladies' rooms
plural form of ladies' room
little boy's rooms
plural form of little boy's room
little boys' rooms
plural form of little boys' room
little girl's rooms
plural form of little girl's room
little girls' rooms
Plural form of little girls' room or of little girl's room
living rooms
plural form of living room
locker rooms
plural form of locker room
machine rooms
plural form of machine room
meeting rooms
plural form of meeting room
men's rooms
plural form of men's room
mud rooms
plural form of mud room
operating rooms
plural form of operating room
plant rooms
plural form of plant room
powder rooms
plural form of powder room
reading rooms
plural form of reading room
rec rooms
plural form of rec room
To reside, especially as a boarder or tenant

Doctor Watson roomed with Sherlock Holmes at Baker Street.

A specific area of space
Reason, cause or opportunity (to do something)

Nor shalt thou give me room to doubt whether it be necessity or love, that inspires this condescending impulse.

An area for working in a coal mine; also, in spelunking, a portion of a cave that is wider than a passage
Space for something, or to carry out an activity

He explains they have enough room to stand and lie down, points out the little cup to brush our teeth, and the place where they pray.

A set of rooms inhabited by someone; one's lodgings
A forum or chat room

Some users may not be able to access the AOL room.

Opportunity or possibility to do something

There are major disagreements within the Coalition and politicians always want to retain room for manoeuvre.

A separate part of a building, enclosed by walls, a floor and a ceiling

Miss Bingley made no answer, and soon afterwards she got up and walked about the room.

The people in a room

The room was on its feet.

A space between the timbers of a ship's frame
With possessive pronoun: one's bedroom

Go to your room!.

sitting rooms
plural form of sitting room
smoking rooms
plural form of smoking room
spin rooms
plural form of spin room
tea rooms
plural form of tea room
utility rooms
plural form of utility room
waiting rooms
plural form of waiting room
war rooms
plural form of war room
wash rooms
plural form of wash room
{n} space, place, stead, chamber, apartment
an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view" the people who are present in a room; "the whole room was cheering" space for movement; "room to pass"; "make way for"; "hardly enough elbow room to turn around" opportunity for; "room for improvement
A room is one of the separate sections or parts of the inside of a building. Rooms have their own walls, ceilings, floors, and doors, and are usually used for particular activities. You can refer to all the people who are in a room as the room. A minute later he excused himself and left the room The whole room roared with laughter
an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"
A particular portion of space appropriated for occupancy; a place to sit, stand, or lie; a seat
{f} occupy a room, lodge, dwell
Place or position in society; office; rank; post; station; also, a place or station once belonging to, or occupied by, another, and vacated
If you talk about your room, you are referring to the room that you alone use, especially your bedroom at home or your office at work. If you're running upstairs, go to my room and bring down my sweater, please
If you room with someone, you share a rented room, apartment, or house with them, for example when you are a student. I had roomed with him in New Haven when we were both at Yale Law School
Unobstructed spase; space which may be occupied by or devoted to any object; compass; extent of place, great or small; as, there is not room for a house; the table takes up too much room
the people who are present in a room; "the whole room was cheering"
To reside, especially as a border or tenant
If there is room for a particular kind of behaviour or action, people are able to behave in that way or to take that action. The intensity of the work left little room for personal grief or anxiety
A division in a building, enclosed by walls, a floor and a ceiling
space for movement; "room to pass"; "make way for"; "hardly enough elbow room to turn around"
to give something houseroom: see houseroom see also changing room, chat room, common room, consulting room, dining room, drawing room, dressing room, elbow room, emergency room, ladies' room, leg room, living room, locker room, men's room, morning room, powder room, reading room, reception room, rest room, spare room, standing room. to rent and live in a room somewhere room with to share a room or house with someone, especially at college
If there is room somewhere, there is enough empty space there for people or things to be fitted in, or for people to move freely or do what they want to. There is usually room to accommodate up to 80 visitors see also leg room, standing room
Possibility of admission; ability to admit; opportunity to act; fit occasion; as, to leave room for hope
To occupy a room or rooms; to lodge; as, they arranged to room together
If you have room for manoeuvre, you have the opportunity to change your plans if it becomes necessary or desirable. With an election looming, he has little room for manoeuvre
Spacious; roomy
Especially, space in a building or ship inclosed or set apart by a partition; an apartment or chamber
Space for something or to carry out an activity
A room is a bedroom in a hotel. Toni booked a room in an hotel not far from Arzfeld
{i} compartment of space marked off by walls within a building; space, two- or three-dimensional area
opportunity for; "room for improvement

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    /ˈro͞omz/ /ˈruːmz/


    [ 'rüm, 'rum ] (noun.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English rum; akin to Old High German rum room, Latin rur-, rus open land.


    ... they buy the song, and then they get into chat rooms and ...
    ... So I do a lot of that really -- I saw the yoga rooms here. ...

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