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An act of rolling out
(Reklam) The process by which a company introduces a new product or service to different geographical markets or consumer segments
A category of market testing methods that are full sale, but go beyond standard test marketing Sometimes called tiered marketing Commitment has been made to full-scale marketing, but the marketing is tentative, a rolling accumulation of geographic areas, or specific firms (such as lead users), or specific applications
To mail the remaining portion of a mailing list after successfully testing a portion of that list
The rollout is the process of receiving, staging, delivering and installing a new workstation for full-time faculty and full/part-time staff A "rollout computer" is a computer issued to an eligible employee for campus use Refresh - The refresh is the installation of a new workstation for faculty/staff to replace their existing (older) rollout workstation
(informal) - Geographic expansion of a campaign from a single test market outward, as to a regional or national market
To continue with the mailing after testing a portion of the mailing list
That portion of landing an aerodynamic vehicle following touchdown
A repeat mailing to a larger portion of a list after a successful list test
{i} first public display of a new aircraft; initial offering of a new product or service
The pointer rolls outside of the button area