roll out

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to begin to distribute or propagate a new system or Implementation, as for or after a Pilot
{f} get out of bed; spread out and flatten (as of dough); introduce, publicly present, release to the public; execute a roll out (American Football)
flatten or spread with a roller; "roll out the paper"
To analyze a position by repeatedly playing it to a later point in the game using different dice rolls To estimate the equity of a position by playing to completion the same position many times using different random dice rolls and averaging the results (often using a computer) Such an estimate is called a rollout
the process of taking a position in a contract after liquidating the same position in the previous contract month
{i} first public presentation of an aircraft; trick maneuver by the quarterback (American Football)
straighten by unrolling; "roll out the big map"
when a quarterback runs parallel to the line, looking for a receiver
to flatten and spread dough with a rolling pin
straighten by unrolling; "roll out the big map
roll out the red carpet
To extend the utmost hospitality; to treat someone as an honored guest; to welcome or host, especially in a showy or extravagant manner

The mayor of the little town rolled out the red carpet for new businesses by calling on them personally.

An act of rolling out
(Reklam) The process by which a company introduces a new product or service to different geographical markets or consumer segments
the process of training users on the new system and ensuring they have access to the system from their local workstations
The activities which deliver, install and commission an integrated set of new or changed CIs across logical or physical parts of an organisation
To make offers to the remaining portion of a list (house or rented), after successfully testing a portion of that list
a surreptitious technique of rolling out the contents of a letter without opening it It can be done with two knitting needles or a split chopstick
an occasion when a new product is made available for people to buy or use = launch
A category of market testing methods that are full sale, but go beyond standard test marketing Sometimes called tiered marketing Commitment has been made to full-scale marketing, but the marketing is tentative, a rolling accumulation of geographic areas, or specific firms (such as lead users), or specific applications
To mail the remaining portion of a mailing list after successfully testing a portion of that list
The rollout is the process of receiving, staging, delivering and installing a new workstation for full-time faculty and full/part-time staff A "rollout computer" is a computer issued to an eligible employee for campus use Refresh - The refresh is the installation of a new workstation for faculty/staff to replace their existing (older) rollout workstation
(informal) - Geographic expansion of a campaign from a single test market outward, as to a regional or national market
To continue with the mailing after testing a portion of the mailing list
That portion of landing an aerodynamic vehicle following touchdown
A repeat mailing to a larger portion of a list after a successful list test
{i} first public display of a new aircraft; initial offering of a new product or service
The pointer rolls outside of the button area
roll out

    Турецкое произношение

    rōl aut


    /ˈrōl ˈout/ /ˈroʊl ˈaʊt/


    [ 'rOl ] (noun.) 13th century. Middle English rolle, from Old French, from Latin rotulus, diminutive of rota wheel; akin to Old High German rad wheel, Welsh rhod, Sanskrit ratha wagon.


    ... manage the roll out. ...

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