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(Mukavele) güçlü, sağlam, stabil
{s} gürbüz
çok sağlıklı

Sağlam bir tartışma ortaya çıktı. - A robust discussion ensued.

Onun sağlam bir yapısı var. - She has a robust constitution.

turp gibi
{s} kuvvetli
{s} dirençli
{s} dinç
{s} çetin
{s} zorlu
{s} kaba saba (espri)
{i} sağlamlık
robust statistics
sağlam istatistikler
robust measure
kaba tahmini
(Gıda) dayanıklılık
tough, robust
Sağlam sert
erkeğe yaraşır bir biçimde
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Requiring strength or vigor; as, robust employment
Evincing strength; indicating vigorous health; strong; sinewy; muscular; vigorous; sound; as, a robust body; robust youth; robust health

She was stronger, larger, more robust physically than he had hitherto conceived.

Designed or evolved in such a way as to be resistant to total failure despite partial damage
Resistant or impervious to failure regardless of user input or unexpected conditions
Not greatly influenced by errors in assumptions about the distribution of sample errors
Sensible (of intellect etc.); straightforward, not given to or confused by uncertainty or subtlety
Violent; rough; rude
characterized by great strength or power of endurance
{a} strong, stout, lusty, vigorous, violent
Term used to describe network connections of high integrity (i e ; networks over which little data is lost or corrupted)
Said of a statistic that remains useful even when one or more of the assumptions is violated
The ROBUST parameter allows intermediate weighting between these two extremes
Controller tuning is normally based on an initial estimate of the process dynamics, as determined by bump tests Eg: first order plus dead time process dynamics, with dead time, time constant and process gain values A robust controller provides satisfactory and stable control as the process dynamics vary (eg: due to changes in process operating point, or valve wear) over the entire range of operating conditions {Bialkowski, W L EnTech Control}
An adjective commonly applied in marketing literature to information technology products in several ways A robust product can be one that doesn't break easily Thus, an operating system in which any individual application can fail without disturbing the operating system or other applications can be said to be robust Robust is also sometimes used to mean a product or system of products designed with a full complement of capabilities Thus, in the context of the business world, early UNIX systems were not considered as robust as IBM's mainframe operating systems, which were designed for continuous operation with a very low failure rate and features such as automatic backup of file systems
A process which is relatively insensitive to human foibles and variables in the way (for example, an assay) is carried out, a statistical term Algorithms glossary
Vigorous, full with a lot of heart, a big scaled wine
Someone or something that is robust is very strong or healthy. More women than men go to the doctor. Perhaps men are more robust or worry less? + robustly ro·bust·ly He became robustly healthy. + robustness ro·bust·ness the robustness of diesel engines
(adj ) Reliable or dependable Not prone to error Usually refers to an application program
Full-bodied, powerful, heady
rough and crude; "a robust tale"
Means full-bodied, intense and vigorous, perhaps a bit overblown
marked by richness and fullness of flavor; "a rich ruby port"; "full-bodied wines"; "a robust claret"; "the robust flavor of fresh-brewed coffee"
The categorization of a system that has high functionality, reliability and consistency when operating in a normal capacity and can endure periodic stress conditions
rough and crude; "a robust tale" physically strong strong enough to withstand intellectual challenge; "the experiment yielded robust results"; "a robust faith
Robust views or opinions are strongly held and forcefully expressed. A British Foreign Office minister has made a robust defence of the agreement + robustly ro·bust·ly In the decisions we have to make about Europe, we have to defend our position very robustly indeed. + robustness ro·bust·ness a prominent industrialist renowned for the robustness of his right-wing views
An adjective describing a desirable feature of a feedback loop A loop is robust if it keeps working properly even if the real plant is different than that which was used to design the loop Examples of things which could be different are the time response of an actuator and the values of transfer matrix elements
{s} strong, healthy
physically strong
Able to function or to continue functioning well in unexpected situations
strong enough to withstand intellectual challenge; "the experiment yielded robust results"; "a robust faith"
physically strong strong enough to withstand intellectual challenge; "the experiment yielded robust results"; "a robust faith
A physical characteristics resistance to change or become unavailable and is associated with the percentage of the population that can be enrolled into a biometric authentication system
robust blacksmelt
An oviparous deep-water fish, scientific name Pseudobathylagus milleri, with an adipose fin far back on its caudal peduncle
{n} stength, lustiness, vigor, power
In a robust manner
in a robust manner; "he was robustly built
in a robust manner; "he was robustly built"
in a manly fashion; hardily, stoutly, ruggedly, brawnily
The degree to which a system or component can function correctly in the presence of invalid inputs or stressful environmental conditions [6]
A measure of how sensitive a particular method is to violation of its assumptions
{i} strength, power; stoutness, soundness
The quality of a problem solver that allows a gradual degradation in the performance when it is reaching the limits of its scope of expertise
(1) a user-oriented quality requirement specifying the degree to which an application shall continue to function properly under abnormal circumstances
Dependability of a system, product, or process to continue operating well even though conditions are constantly changing
the condition of a product or process design that remains relatively stable with a minimum of variation even though factors that influence operations or usage, such as environment and wear, are constantly changing
the property of strong in constitution
A system is considered robust if its functionality degrades "gracefully" when components of the system stop working
The quality of being robust
The condition of a product or process design that remains relatively stable, with a minimum of variation, even though factors that influence operations or usage, such as environment and wear, are constantly changing
The quality or state of being robust
Certain thicknesses of annealed glass is considered suitable for use in large areas, in safety critical locations, for certain non-domestic situations such as shopfronts, showrooms, offices and public buildings This is referred to in Building Regulations Approved Document N as robustness
Robustness defines the ability of the numerical method to provide a solution despite variabilities in the initial solution and control parameters This incorporates issues of fault tolerance Generally, robustness is achieved at the expense of accuracy
The ability of code to function even under abnormal conditions
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