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Seyircisini kazanmak için konuşmacı, iletişim kurslarından öğrendiği retorik teknikleri kullanarak başvurdu. - To win his audience, the speaker resorted to using rhetorical techniques he learned from his communication courses.

Bir karşılama konuşmasını yanıtladı. - He responded to a speech of welcome.


Bu meselenin hızla çözüleceğini umuyorum. - I hope this matter is resolved quickly.

(Askeri) ihtiyat (reserve)
belirli bir şey
res judicata Lat
{i} şey
mahkemece karar verilmiş mesele
res judicate
mahkemece karara bağlanan sorun
res nullius
(Kanun) Hiç kimseye ait olmayan fakat egemenliğe konu olabilecek bir alan, üzerinde fiilen mülkiyet kurulmamış sahipsiz eşya
res publica
res yayının
in medias res
(Lat.) Bir hikâyenin/anlatımın ortasında
html res anchor
(Bilgisayar) html kaynak bağlayıcısı
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(Osmanlı Dönemi) f. (Residen: Erişmek mastarının emir köküdür.) "Ulaşan, erişen, yetişen" mânasına gelir ve birleşik kelimeler yapılır
Koyun, keçi türünden küçük baş hayvan
Divan şiirinde uyakta tesis adıyla anılan eliften önceki sessiz harfin harekesi
içi taşla örülü kuyuya verilen ad
içi taşla örülü kuyu
Hastalığın bedene yerleşmesi
Bkz. resen
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Short form of Indian reserve or reservation
Short form of college or university residence
Short form of resolution (of a computer display, etc.)
reticuloendothelial system
The thing
Principal or assets of a trust In the case of a QPRT, the residence is the only asset (or only significant asset) unless the residence is sold and cash is held pending the qualified reinvestment in a new residence, or in the event that the QPRT is converted to a QAT
A thing; the particular thing; a matter; a point
a widely distributed system consisting of all the cells able to ingest bacteria or colloidal particles etc, except for certain white blood cells
A term used to define image resolution instead of pixels per inch (ppi) Res 12 indicates 12 pixels per millimetre (1 inch = 2 5 cm)
form of short form, reservation
An abbreviation for image resolution Also a unit of measure of resolution in number of lines per millimeter, such as RES8 or RES100 To convert RES to dots per inch (dpi), multiply the RES value by 25 4 the number of millimeters in an inch For example RES12 is equivalent to 304 dpi (12 x 25 4 = 304)
{i} remainder, remnant, something that remains after part has been removed
(Pronounced "rez ") Abr Reservation
Retail Electric Supplier Also known as an ARES or an ESP
Appears in the output for the steady-flow profiles and is the residual in the function used to define the root of the equation being solved A large residual at convergence may indicate some problem in the steady-flow computations
Receive-Only Earth Station
(Latin: "a thing ") The vessel or cargo to which a maritime lien attaches
residence; research
Reset; see reset
Residence (usually referring to a phone number)
[Spanish] beef
res ipsa loquitur
A maxim where the very improbable facts of an accident imply the negligence of the defendant. It effectively shifts the burden of proof to the defendant
res judicata
An issue that is before a court, has already been decided by another court, and that therefore must be dismissed by the current court
res nullius
Something that has no owner, and not subject to jurisdiction of any state, susceptible to national appropriation
res nullius
Res nullius is a Latin term derived from Roman law whereby res (objects in the legal sense, anything that can be owned, even slaves, but not subjects in law such as citizens) are not yet the object of rights of any specific subject. Such items are considered ownerless property and are usually free to be owned
res adjudicata
res judicata, issue already determined in court, issue that cannot be raised again
res gestae
rule of evidence that covers words that are so closely associated with an occurrence that the words are considered part of the occurrence and as such their report does not violate the hearsay rule
res gestae
things done rule of evidence that covers words that are so closely associated with an occurrence that the words are considered part of the occurrence and as such their report does not violate the hearsay rule
res gestae
issues that are relevant to litigation
res gestae
things done
res ipsa loquitur
a rule of evidence whereby the negligence of an alleged wrongdoer can be inferred from the fact that the accident happened
res ipsa loquitur
(Latin) the thing speaks for itself (damage claim that transfers the burden of proof onto the recklessness or negligence)
res judicata
issue already determined in court, issue that cannot be raised again
res judicata
A rule of civil law that once a matter has been litigated and final judgment has been rendered by the trial court, the matter cannot be relitigated by the parties in the same court, or any other trial court
res judicata
- an issue that has been decided by the court; an adjudicated claim
res judicata
(lat ) the thing has been decided
res judicata
A matter of thing previously settled by judgment of a court
res judicata
a matter already settled in court; cannot be raised again
res judicata
in law, a case already decided
{i} comprehensive inquiry, extensive investigation of a subject
des res
desirable residence. A real estate marketing term that has entered regular usage
in medias res
In the middle of a storyline

This novel begins in medias res.

in medias res
Beginning in the middle of its storyline: said of a work of literature or a film

Although not strictly in medias res, the film uses flashbacks extensively.

in medias res
Narrative presented in medias res

Anyway, the characters have been introduced but by no means established. I know Final Fantasy’s always been big on in medias res, but even the most basic questions about the plot remain unanswered. Who the fuck are these people? What is going on? Why should I care? Can I stop playing now? Please?.

in medias res
In or into the midst or middle; without preamble
H. Res
House Resolution
des res
a house that a lot of people admire and would like to live in - sometimes used humorously (desirable residence)
estoppel by res judicata
forbidding of renewed litigation of a case for which a verdict has already been reached (Law)
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    /ˈrāz/ /ˈreɪz/


    [ 'rA ] (noun.) 14th century. Medieval Latin, from the syllable sung to this note in a medieval hymn to Saint John the Baptist.

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