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finery or magnificent dress
royal rights, prerogatives and privileges - actually enjoyed by any sovereign, regardless of his title (emperor, grand duke etcetera)
the emblems, symbols, or paraphernalia indicative of royalty or any other sovereign status; such as a crown, orb, sceptre, sword of justice
decorations or insignia indicative of an office or membership of an order or society; such as freemasonry
pl. the emblems of royalty
{n} the ensigns or rights of royalty
(b) Royal estates and revenues
A kind of cigar of large size and superior quality; also, the size in which such cigars are classed
The clothing and accessories worn by Native American dancers at powwows are called regalia, sometimes outfits, but never costumes They are very valuable to their owner, being hand-made and representing many hours of work and patience A dancer's regalia should never be touched by the audience, since it has a high spiritual value for its owner
{i} symbols of royalty, emblems of royalty; formal or fancy clothing, finery, party dress
especially fine or decorative clothing
The temporal properties associated with a prelacy Paschal II enumerated properties such as "towns, duchies, marches, counties, mints, tolls, markets, imperial advocacies, hundreds, and castles
Garb, accessories, or decorations signifying rank, membership in an order, or the presence of an individual or group
Hence, decorations or insignia of an office or order, as of Freemasons, Odd Fellows,etc
Specifically: (a) The rights and prerogatives of a king
paraphernalia indicative of royalty (or other high office)
(c) Ensings, symbols, or paraphernalia of royalty
That which belongs to royalty
Sumptuous food; delicacies
Regalia consists of all the traditional clothes and items which someone such as a king or a judge wears and carries on official occasions. officials in full regalia. traditional clothes and decorations, used at official ceremonies (from regalis; REGAL)

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    /rəˈgālyə/ /rɪˈɡeɪljə/


    (noun.) 1670. From Latin regalia, neuter plural of regalis (“of a king”), from rex

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