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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
(Tıp) rekrutman
işe alım

İşe alım bu ay başlıyor. - Recruitment starts this month.

İşe alım ekibi gelecek vadeden işçiler arıyordu. - The recruitment team looked for promising employees.

(Denizbilim) stoğa katılma
{i} askerlik
(Denizbilim) içgöç
işe alma
{i} iyileşme
{i} takviye
{i} asker toplama
(Askeri) Askere alma
{i} iyileştirme
{i} güçlendirme
(Askeri) GÖNÜLLÜ ASKER ALMA: Bir askeri teşkil için personel temin etme işlemi ve usulü
(Askeri) gönüllü asker alma
(Ticaret) personel alımı
işe alınma
recruitment curve
(Denizbilim) üreme eğrisi
recruitment curve
(Denizbilim) içgöç eğrisi
recruitment level
(Denizbilim) içgöç düzeyi
recruitment overfishing
(Denizbilim) içgöç aşırı avcılığı
recruitment procedures
askerlik işlemleri
recruitment agency
İstihdam kurumu

private recruitment agencys are independent companies,and employers have to pay these agencies for each employee they successfully provide.

recruitment consultant
İşe alım danışmanı
recruitment manager
işe alan mudur
recruitment office
askerlik şubesi
Mass recruitment
(Tıp) Toplu işe alım
employee recruitment
personel temini
impaired recruitment
(Politika, Siyaset) bozulan dağılım türü
leukocyte recruitment
(Tıp) lökosit göçü
unfair recruitment
işçi ayartma
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
The process or art of finding candidates for a post in an organization, or of recruits for the armed forces
A style or process of recruiting
A measure of the number of fish that enter a class during some time period, such as the spawning class or fishing-size class
the act of getting recruits; enlisting people for the army or for a job or a cause etc
{i} act of enlisting or drafting new members (esp. into the armed forces)
an abnormal disproportionate sensation of loudness felt in response to sounds of increasing intensity
The recruitment of workers, soldiers, or members is the act or process of selecting them for an organization or army and persuading them to join. the examination system for the recruitment of civil servants
The process of searching for, finding, and interviewing people for the sales job
– The process of enrolling human subjects in research protocols
Entry of fish into a fishery either through the attainment of a size large enough to be taken by a fishery or from an external source (e g , fish entering an estuary from the ocean) Recruitment also can refer to fish reaching sexual maturity for non-exploitable species
the activity by which an IFC fraternity or Panhellenic sorority seeks and selects new members
Entry into the population of new individuals resulting from reproduction of the adult stock
- The number of new individuals that enter a POPULATION each generation
the activity by which chapters seek new members; Formal Recruitment is a designated period when sororities rush together and hold specific schedules events to recruit new members Informal Recruitment is the open rush period when there are no system-wide scheduled events Formerly known as "Rush"
The process of searching applicants to staff vacancies in an organisation
(King, 1995) The addition of young fish to a stock (Generally, recruitment refers to the time at which young fish enter the fishable stock )
A function whereby undergraduates interested in a sorority or fraternity are able to meet with the members, learn more about the organization, and join a Greek organization
This term has several meanings in fishery science One definition is the size at which a fish is eligible to be legally caught Another is the size at which a fish becomes susceptible to a particular fishing gear In the context of this homepage, it refers to the number of young-of-year bluefish which survive the rigors of their first year to become a part of the overall population
According to Everhart and Youngs (1981), recruitment is "defined as the addition of new members to the aggregate under consideration" Essentially, recruitment is a description of how many fish are entering a given population In our restoration work, it is usually used to describe the number of fish that exist in the non-migratory juvenile population or the number of young fish that will eventually enter the migratory population and return to successfully spawn
The act or process of recruiting; especially, the enlistment of men for an army
to obtain replacements for or new supplies of something lost, wasted, or needed (Source: DICTIONARY COM http: //www dictionary com/search?q=recruitment)
Initiatives taken to persuade students to register for a course of study
The process of obtaining a supply of qualified candidates eligible for employment
the influx of new members into a population by reproduction or immigration
The number of young fish available each year that, when adults, will enter the fishery
The contribution made to the stock each year as young fish grow to a takeable size (ie, the minimum legal size)
An ongoing process of securing individuals to do the assignments that you have identified for volunteers within your agency or organization These assignments can be individual or group activities; direct or indirect service positions; committee or advisory board task; fundraising assignments or advocacy efforts Topic areas: Volunteer Management
The number of individuals entering a population or a fishery each year
A service performed for a fee to help managers of client companies identify, evaluate, and fill specific technical or management positions Fees are paid by the company that retains the recruiting firm Frequently fees are paid up to 35% of the candidates first year's total compensation Fees are normally billed when the search starts, plus monthly progress and out-of-pocket expenses Upon completion the final fee amount is due and payable Recruiters are usually willing to receive resumes However, they tend to focus on a specialty and seek matches based on the company client criteria
process used initiating Investigators or sponsor to select investigators for a clinical study
the act of getting recruits; enlisting people for the army (or for a job or a cause etc )
A measure of the number of fish that enter a class during the some time period, such as the spawning class or fishing-size class
recruitment consultant
A recruitment consultant is a person or service that helps professional people to find work by introducing them to potential employers
The process of personnel recruitment using electronic resources, in particular the internet, online job advertising boards and search engines

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    /rēˈkro͞otmənt/ /riːˈkruːtmənt/


    [ ri-'krüt-m&nt ] (noun.) circa 1828. recruit +‎ -ment, (French: recrutement)

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