rahmet okutmak

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(for someone unpleasant) to make one wish that (his predecessor) had never left: Bu yeni patron Ahmet Bey'e rahmet okuttu. This new boss has made us rue the day Ahmet Bey left
babasına rahmet okutmak
1. (for someone, something) to be so bad that he/she/it makes one yearn for (someone or something else who/which is in himself/herself/itself undesirable): Fecri bir felaketti, fakat Feyman, Fecri'nin babasına rahmet okutuyor. Fecri was a disaster, but Feyman is so awful he makes us yearn to have Fecri back again. 2. (for someone) to be so wonderful he/she makes you want to bless the father that begot him/her
rahmet okutmak