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A geometric shape with four angles and four straight sides
A courtyard which is quadrangular

I looked up from my desk and saw that suddenly there were big flakes twirling down into the quadrangle, settling on the carefully pruned shrubbery bordering the crosswalks, the three elms still holding many of their leaves, the still-green lawns.

The buildings forming the border of such a courtyard

The quadrangle surrounding the Far Common was never considered absolutely essential to the Devon School.

{n} a figure that has four right angles
A quadrangle is an open square area with buildings round it, especially in a college or school. Rectangular open space completely or partially enclosed by buildings of an academic or civic character. The grounds of a quadrangle are often grassy or landscaped. Such an area, intended as an environment for contemplation, study, or relaxation, was a feature of monastic establishments and the colleges that evolved from them. The quadrangular layout at New College in Oxford University (completed 1386), with its partially connected buildings, was enormously influential in subsequent collegiate building
A rectangular area covered by a map, usually bounded by given meridians of longitude and parallels of latitude Sometimes shortened to ÒquadÓ and often used as a synonym for topographic map
A plane figure having four angles, and consequently four sides; any figure having four angles
such a court in a college or public school in England
a four-sided section of land bounded by parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude depicted on or by a topographic map Topo maps are sometimes referred to as "quads "
{i} quadrilateral, four-sided and four-angled plane figure (such as a square or rectangle); area surrounded by buildings on all four sides
A square or quadrangular space or inclosure, such a space or court surrounded by buildings, esp
A USGS paper map Typically, a 7 5-minute USGS map Informally known as quad
Four strokes form the structure Motivated by need for security - or by need for power
An approximately rectangular area of geographic extent measuring 7 50-minutes of latitude by 7 50-minutes of longitude
a four-sided polygon
a rectangular area surrounded on all sides by buildings
A (complete) quadrangle is a set of 4 points, no 3 collinear, and the 6 lines determined by these 4 points If A,B,C,D are the 4 points then AB and CD, AC and BD and AD and BC are pairs of opposite sides The points at which opposite pairs of sides intersect are called diagonal points of the quadrangle
Four-sided area, bounded by parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude used as an area unit in mapping (dimensions are not necessarily the same in both directions) Also, a geometric figure of significance in geodetic surveying
A square area of land which measures 24 miles on each side
A square-shaped land area, 24 miles on each side Frequently used in the government rectangular survey method of land description
inner courtyard in a large building
Inner courtyard
A four-sided figure, bounded by parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude, used as an area unit in mapping A well-known map series is the USGS 7 5-minute topographic quadrangle Each map in this map series covers 7 5 degrees of latitude and longitude and provides basic earth information such as elevation, hydrography, vegetation, and cultural features such as roads and buildings
(quad) Typically refers to a map sheet published by the U S Geological Survey, a 7 5 minute quadrangle series or the 15 minute quadrangle series Also known as a topographic or topo map
{a} having four right angles
plural of quadrangle
having the shape of a quadrangle
in the shape of a quadrangle
of or relating to or shaped like a quadrangle
Having four angles, and consequently four sides; tetragonal
{s} having sides and four angles; resembling a quadrangle

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    quadrilateral, -gon, tetragon



    [ 'kwä-"dra[ng]-g&l ] (noun.) 15th century. From Old French quadrangle, from Late Latin quadrangulum.

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