public opinion

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Onlar sadece kamuoyundan korktukları için projeye karşı çıkmadılar. - They didn't oppose the project just because they feared public opinion.

Kamuoyu değişmeye başladı. - Public opinion began to change.

efkar-ı umumiye

Kamuoyu yoklamaları hükümete olan güveni ölçen göstergelerdir. - Public opinion polls are barometers of confidence in the government.

Kamuoyunun aksine hayat kısa değildir. - Life is not short, contrary to public opinion.

halk efkarı
(Politika, Siyaset) halk oyu
(Politika, Siyaset,Ticaret) kamu oyu
genel fikir
umumi efkâr
amme efkârı
public opinion poll
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) kamuoyu araştırması
public opinion polls
kamuoyu yoklamaları
public opinion survey
kamuoyu yoklaması
public opinion poll
kamuoyu yoklaması
public opinion education
kamuoyu eğitimi
the public opinion
put to public opinion
Kamuoyunun görüşüne açmak

The few public and commercial buildings in our town should be put to public opinion prior to approval and building.

mold public opinion
kamuoyu oluşturmak
mold public opinion
kamuoyu yaratmak
molding public opinion
kamuoyu oluşturma
mould public opinion
kamuoyu oluşturmak
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
The opinion of the public, the popular view
general mood of the public, viewpoint of the population
What the people of the community think
applies to polling, surveying of the public
This is very important to Political Parties They base their Party Manifesto on public opinion Public opinion is what most people think This is clearly important so Governments will try to do something about it For example most people think stealing is bad so laws have been passed to punish people who steal
        Views and attitudes held by people on significant issues
a belief or sentiment shared by most people; the voice of the people; "he asked for a poll of public opinion
a belief or sentiment shared by most people; the voice of the people; "he asked for a poll of public opinion"
Those opinions held by ordinary citizens that they express openly
The aggregation of people's views about issues, situations, and public figures
Public opinion is the opinion or attitude of the public regarding a particular matter. He mobilized public opinion all over the world against hydrogen-bomb tests. the opinions or beliefs that ordinary people have about a particular subject
public opinion poll
poll: an inquiry into public opinion conducted by interviewing a random sample of people
public opinion poll
survey of general public opinion
public opinion researcher
one who surveys and studies the opinion of the general population
public opinions
plural form of public opinion
institute for public opinion polls
center specializing in the research of polling
swing of public opinion
fluctuations of the opinion of the general population
public opinion