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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{i} taşraya özgü deyiş
{i} taşraya özgü âdet veya deyiş özelliği
{i} taşra geleneği
{i} taşralı olma
provincialism, provinciality
taşra, taşra
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
The quality of being provincial; having provincial tastes, mentality, manners

The blacksmith's provincialism showed in his speech and manner.

A word or locution characteristic of a region or district

Prose is allowed less liberty in this respect; but no one nowadays would maintain that the adoption of a provincialism into the literary dialect is absolutely prohibited.

{n} a peculiarity of speech in a province or district of country
Word, locution characteristic of a zone, of a region
disapproval Provincialism is the holding of old-fashioned attitudes and opinions, which some people think is typical of people in areas away from the capital city of a country. the stifling bourgeois provincialism of Buxton. provincial attitudes
A word, or a manner of speaking, peculiar to a province or a district remote from the mother country or from the metropolis; a provincial characteristic; hence, narrowness; illiberality
a lack of sophistication
To be provincial; to have provincial tastes, mentality, manners. "This piece of prose is full of provincialisms"
a partiality for some particular place
{i} unsophistication, simplicity; rusticness, ruralness, small-town quality; narrow-mindedness, parochialism

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    /prəˈvənʧəˌləzəm/ /prəˈvɪnʧəˌlɪzəm/

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