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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{i} uzmanlık alanı
{i} il

Merkezi Çin'de Yangtze nehri boyunca şehirler ve taşra 50 yıldan daha fazla bir süredir ülkenin en kötü kuraklığı ile boğuşuyor. - Cities and provinces along the Yangtze River in central China are grappling with the country's worst drought in more than 50 years.

ilgi alanı

Alsace Fransa'nın çok güzel bir ilidir. - Alsace is a very beautiful province of France.

İlin üzerindeki bir duman bulutu var. - There is a smoke cloud over the province.


Dört yaşındaki Amerikalı turist, aslında, Sichuan eyaletinin ünlü mayhoş mutfağına rağmen tamamen baharatlı sığır etinden yapılmamış olduğunu farkettiği için hayal kırıklığına uğradı. - A four-year-old American tourist was disappointed to realize that, in fact, the Sichuan province is not entirely made of spicy beef, in spite of its famously piquant cuisine.

Biz Quebec eyaletinin dil akademilerindeki en düşük fiyatı garanti ediyoruz. - We guarantee the lowest price in language academies in the province of Québec.

{i} vilâyet
{i} uzmanlık dalı
{i} branş
{i} iş sahası

Merkezi Çin'de Yangtze nehri boyunca şehirler ve taşra 50 yıldan daha fazla bir süredir ülkenin en kötü kuraklığı ile boğuşuyor. - Cities and provinces along the Yangtze River in central China are grappling with the country's worst drought in more than 50 years.


Kanada'nın on üç tane il ve bölgesi vardır. - Canada has thirteen provinces and territories.

{i} bilgi/yetki alanı
bir şahsın belirli iş sahası
kendine özgü bitey
direy ve insan tipleri olan dirimsel coğrafya alan
bilgi veya edebiyat alanı
eskiden İtalya haricinde olup Roma imparatorluğuna baglı eyalet
{i} yetki sahası
i l
province bank
(Kanun) iller bankası
province border
(Politika, Siyaset) ilçe sınırı
province (greek)
il (Yunan)
province in eastern canada
doğu canada il
province in syria; city in syria
suriye'nin il, şehir suriye'nin
province of sardinia, italy
Sardunya il, italy
ruler of a province
(Tarih) ilhan
(Bilgisayar) eyalet
(Bilgisayar) eyalet/il
(Bilgisayar) il
(Bilgisayar) eyalet/il

Merkezi Çin'de Yangtze nehri boyunca şehirler ve taşra 50 yıldan daha fazla bir süredir ülkenin en kötü kuraklığı ile boğuşuyor. - Cities and provinces along the Yangtze River in central China are grappling with the country's worst drought in more than 50 years.

through the province
şehir içinden
a province of the netherlands
netherlands bir il
atlantic province
atlantik provinzi/bölgesi
faunal province
faunal bölge
faunal province
faunal provins
governor of a province
it's not within my province
uzmanlık alanımda değil
it's not within my province
yetki alanım dışında
petrographical province
petrografik provins
rainfall province
yağış bölgesi
registered province
nüfusa kayıtlı olduğu il
within one's province
yetkisi içinde, yetki alanında
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Northern Ireland
A subdivision of government usually one step below the national level
A territorial area within a country
the proper sphere or extent of your activities; "it was his province to take care of himself"
{n} a region, a conquered country, office
{i} district, division; region, area; colony
The major political division of Canada From a statistical point of view, it is a basic unit for which data are tabulated and cross-classified Provincial Census Tract (PCT) A permanent, small urban neighbourhood-like or rural community-like area established outside those CMAs and CAs having a census tract (CT) program PCTs encompass populations between 3,000 and 8,000, with a preferred average of 5,000 persons When possible, PCT boundaries follow permanent physical features When originally delineated, PCTs in some provinces were based on boundaries suggested by provincial authorities Taken together, CTs and PCTs cover all of Canada Representative Point Formerly called a centroid, it is a pair of coordinate values (x,y) that represents a geographic entity for the purpose of assigning aggregate data to that entity
A province is a large section of a country which has its own administration. the Algarve, Portugal's southernmost province
Name of the province where the organization or program is located
at the latest count the worldwide Anglican Communion (with 63,000,000 million members) is made up of 40 self-governing provinces (including the Church of England and the Episcopal Church U S A ) For historical reasons the Archbishop of Canterbury is the focus of unity for these 40 provinces and every ten years all the active bishops are invited to gather with him for the Lambeth Conference At the 13th Lambeth Conference in the summer of 1998 more than 800 bishops were in attendance
in the context used in the report, a geographic area having particular geologic and landform characteristics
Some Canadian provinces were originally colonies of Britain Eventually all the colonies joined Canada and became provinces The provinces and the federal government share power The provinces are responsible for things like schools, hospitals, local government and keeping highways in order There are ten provinces in Canada
If you say that a subject or activity is a particular person's province, you mean that this person has a special interest in it, a special knowledge of it, or a special responsibility for it. Industrial research is the province of the Department of Trade and Industry
A country or region, more or less remote from the city of Rome, brought under the Roman government; a conquered country beyond the limits of Italy
one of the major organizational divisions of the Episcopal Church; a group of dioceses usually under the parliamentary direction of a diocesan bishop who serves as president of the province Tennesee is in Province IV of the Episcopal Church; the owning dioceses of the University are in Provinces IV, V, and VII
The provinces are all the parts of a country except the part where the capital is situated. The government plans to transfer some 30,000 government jobs from Paris to the provinces
A large biogeographic unit generally defined on the basis of common species that are distinct from adjacent regions There are about 30 marine provinces today
1) unit of ecclesiastical administration comprising a group of territorially contiguous dioceses: 2) in relation to later developments of monastic orders, geographic units of administration within the order
A geographical and political division in the country of Canada Ontario is a province
The proper or appropriate business or duty of a person or body; office; charge; jurisdiction; sphere
An area outside Italy ruled by Rome
Any political division of the Dominion of Canada, having a governor, a local legislature, and representation in the Dominion parliament
A geo-political subdivision of a nation as found in Canada and other countries See Also: State
Province, Territory or foreign country covered by all or most of the land area on the NTS map sheet Canada Post approved abbreviations are shown NU represents Nunavut Territory in Canada's north which will replace the eastern half of the Northwest Territories in 1999 Only 1/250 000 scale maps presently show Nunavut territory
A region under the supervision or direction of any special person; the district or division of a country, especially an ecclesiastical division, over which one has jurisdiction; as, the province of Canterbury, or that in which the archbishop of Canterbury exercises ecclesiastical authority
the proper sphere or extent of your activities; "it was his province to take care of himself
(1) A territory comprising one archdiocese called the metropolitan see and one or more dioceses called suffragan sees The head of the archdiocese, an archbishop, has metropolitan rights and responsibilities over the province (2) A division of a religious order under the jurisdiction of a provincial superior
A region of country; a tract; a district
Hence, colloquially, The Provinces, the Dominion of Canada
A defined geographic area containing an archdiocese, or metropolitan see, and at least one diocese, or suffragan see The archbishop of the archdiocese is the metropolitan of the province
means a province of Canada, and includes the Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories and their successors
the territory occupied by one of the constituent administrative districts of a nation; "his state is in the deep south"
A territory [Utah Valley] at some distance from the metropolis [Salt Lake City]
A country or region dependent on a distant authority; a portion of an empire or state, esp
A larger branch that can contain sub-branches, but which has chosen to not have any ceremonial head
a group of dioceses under the care of an archbishop England is divided into two Provinces: the Province of Canterbury is the Southern Province; the Province of York is the Northern Province
one remote from the capital
Province of Vercelli
{i} province in the Piedmont (Italy)
North West Frontier Province
a northern province of Pakistan, whose capital is Peshawar
Pangasinan province
A western coastal province of the Philippines along the South China Sea and Lingayen Gulf in the island of Luzon
badghis province
Badghis is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. It is located in northwestern Afghanistan, between the Murghab and Hari Rud rivers, extending as far northward as the edge of the desert of Sarakhs. The province was carved out of portions of Herat and Meymaneh provinces in 1964 and has a total area of 20,591 km². Its name is from Persian Bâdkhiz meaning "where the winds arise" or "home of the winds"
floristic province
A floristic province is a geographic area with a relatively uniform composition of plant species. Adjacent floristic provinces do not usually have a sharp boundary, but rather a soft one, a transitional area in which many species from both regions overlap. The region of overlap is called a vegetation tension zone
Cape Province
A former province of southern South Africa on the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Originally inhabited by Bantu, San, and Khoikhoin people, the area was settled by the Dutch in 1652 and ceded to Great Britain in 1814. In 1910 it became part of the newly formed Union of South Africa, later (1961) the Republic of South Africa. It was split up into three new provinces, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, and Western Cape, in 1994. a province in the south of South Africa. Its full name is Cape of Good Hope Province, and it was formerly called Cape Colony. or Cape of Good Hope formerly (1826-1910) Cape Colony Former province, South Africa. Occupying the southern extremity of the African continent, it comprised the southern and western portions of South Africa; its capital was Cape Town. The black state of Ciskei and parts of two others, Transkei and Bophuthatswana, lay within its boundaries. Its name refers to the Cape of Good Hope, 30 mi (50 km) south of Cape Town. The original inhabitants included Bantu, San, and Khoekhoe peoples. Bartolomeu Dias, en route to India in 1488, became the first European to visit the area. A colony was founded by the Dutch at Table Bay in 1652; it was ceded to the British in 1814. It joined the Union of South Africa in 1910 and the Republic of South Africa in 1961. The province ceased to exist in 1994, when it was split roughly into Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, and Western Cape provinces
Cape Province
{i} Cape of Good Hope province, former province located in south region of South Africa
Illyrian Provinces Maritime Provinces United Provinces of Agra and Oudh
canadian province
Canada is divided into 12 provinces for administrative purposes
cape province
a former province of southern South Africa that was settled by the Dutch in 1652 and ceded to Great Britain in 1814; in 1994 it was split into three new provinces of South Africa
ecclesiastical province
the district within the jurisdiction of an archbishop or a metropolitan or one of the territorial divisions of an ecclesiastical orderi; "the general of the Jesuits has several provinces under him
Plural of province