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{a} respecting position or situation
To indicate the position of; to place
Positional refers to the physical position of someone, for example in a football match. The manager has made no positional changes for the second game. relating to the position or job of someone or something
{s} of a location; of a place; of a viewpoint, of an attitude; of a job, of a post
Of or pertaining to position
of or relating to or determined by position
Relating to the position of something
positional isomer
any isomer that differs from another isomer only in the position of a substituent, or of a double or triple bond
positional isomers
plural form of positional isomer
positional notation
A system of writing numbers in which the position of a digit affects its value
positional notation
a numeration system in which a real number is represented by an ordered set of characters where the value of a character depends on its position