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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{f} ahkâm kesmek
iddia et
{f} tumturaklı konuşmak
ahkam kes
{i} papalık
{i} başpiskoposluk
{f} başkanlık etmek (dini kurum)
{f} papalık sıfatı ile katılmak
iddia etmek
başkanlık etmek
iddia edilen
{f} iddia et
iddia et(mek)
iddia et
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
The state or term of office of a pontiff or pontifex
To act like a pontiff; to express one’s position or opinions dogmatically and pompously as if it were absolutely correct
To speak in a patronizing, supercilious or pompous manner, especially at length

During a policy discussion awhile back about New York issues, when Mr. Clinton began to pontificate, she told him that he did not exactly know what he was talking about and to hush up.

To preside as a bishop, especially at mass
{n} the papal dignity, popedom
The term of office of a pontiff
If someone pontificates about something, they state their opinions as if they are the only correct ones and nobody could possibly argue against them. Politicians like to pontificate about falling standards
talk in a dogmatic and pompous manner; "The new professor always pontificates"
talk in a dogmatic and pompous manner; "The new professor always pontificates" administer a pontifical office
To perform the duty of a pontiff
The pontificate of a pope is the period of time during which he is pope. Pope Formosus died after a pontificate of four and a half years. to give your opinion about something in a way that shows you think you are always right pontificate about/on. the position or period of being Pope
To act like a pontiff; to be pompous, or express ones position as if it is absolutely correct
{f} serve as Pope; behave pompously, act self-righteously
administer a pontifical office
{i} term of office of a pope; office of a bishop
The state or dignity of a high priest; specifically, the office of the pope
the government of the Roman Catholic Church
plural of pontificate
present participle of pontificate