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Cheap or inferior everyday wine

We had sandwiches and a bottle of plonk for dinner last night!.

In Internet forums, to automatically ignore a particular poster; killfile

I got tired of his trolling and ad hominem attacks, so I plonked him.

1970s UK police slang for a female police constable

Chris and that plonk had better be flushing the scum out.

The sound made by something solid landing
The supposed sound of adding a user to one's killfile
(followed by a location) Precisely and forcefully

He dropped his bag of tools plonk in the middle of the table.

The sound of something solid landing

I just heard a plonk — did something fall down in the kitchen?.

To set or toss (something) down carelessly

When you’ve finished with the sponge, just plonk it back in the sink.

Plonk is cheap or poor quality wine
British term for simple, pordinary wine Often used to describe very inexpensive wine with no character
To set or toss something down carelessly
A super-cheap wine
while producing a sound like that of water dripping
{i} cheap wine, inexpensive wine, sack
An onomatopoeia for the sound of something dropping
If you plonk something somewhere, you put it or drop it there heavily and carelessly. She plonked the beer on the counter
{f} pluck a musical instrument; fall noisily into water; parachute
In Internet forums, to automatically ignore a particular poster
the noise of something dropping (as into liquid) a cheap wine of inferior quality
the noise of something dropping (as into liquid)
{i} sound of something falling into water, splashing sound
set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise; "He planked the money on the table"; "He planked himself into the sofa"
If you plonk yourself somewhere, you sit down carelessly without paying attention to the people around you. Steve plonked himself down on a seat and stayed motionless as the bus moved away
[USENET: possibly influenced by British slang `plonk' for cheap booze] The sound a {newbie} makes as he falls to the bottom of a {kill file} Used almost exclusively in the {newsgroup} talk bizarre, this term (usually written "*plonk*") is a form of public ridicule
a cheap wine of inferior quality
A plonk is a heavy, hollow sound. the dry plonk of tennis balls. Cheap or inferior wine. cheap wine
The sound a newbie makes as he plummets to the bottom of a killfile list in a Usenet group
plonk down
drop heavily
past of plonk
present participle of plonk
plural of , plonk
third-person singular of plonk