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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{i} süpürgelik
(İnşaat) pervaz
sütun tabanı
duvar çıkıntısı
etek silmesi
{i} heykel kaidesi
etek tahtası
duvar etekliği
{i} sütun kaidesi
(İnşaat) etek
(Mimarlık) destek
(İnşaat) baza
plinth dado
(İnşaat) duvar etekliği
plinth level
(İnşaat) subasman seviyesi
plinth wall
(İnşaat) subasman
plinth wall
(İnşaat) etek duvarı
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A base or pedestal beneath a cabinet
The bottom course of stones or bricks supporting a wall
A block or slab upon which a column, pedestal, or statue is based
{n} the foot or lowest part of a pillar
an architectural support or base (as for a column or statue)
square or rectangular section forming part of the base of a pillar, column, or statue
the base block of a pedestal pulvinated, convex sack coat, waist-length fatigue jacket with straight unfitted back scotia, convex molding with parabolic profile
Visible projection or recess at the base of a wall or pier
A block used as the base of a column or other upright support
A platform base supporting a column or pilaster
of Column
In classical architecture, a vertically faced member immediately below the circular base of a column; also, the lowest member of a pedestal; hence, in general, the lowest member of a base; a sub-base; a block upon which the moldings of an architrave or trim are stopped at the bottom
The base of a chest of column that rests solidly on the floor, as opposed to sitting on legs
The projecting base of a wall or column pedestal, generally chamfered or molded at the top
1 A square or rectangular base for a column, pilaster, or door framing 2 A monumental base, many of which are ornamented with moldings, base reliefs, or inscriptions, to support a statue or memorial 3 The base courses of a building collectively, if so treated as to give the appearance of a plattorm
A square of decorative wood installed at the corners of a window frame
Projecting base of wall
a block or slab upon which a column, pedestal, or statue is based; also the bottom course of stones supporting a wall -- the plinth course
A flat faced projecting band at the bottom of a wall
{i} foundation, base; ledge, sill; base of a column, base of a pedestal
Body of the turntable Carrying the tonearm base (if present) or the tonearm itself and the platter's bearing
A plinth is a rectangular block of stone on which a statue or pillar stands
A widening at the bottom of a wall
plural of plinth

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    /ˈplənᴛʜ/ /ˈplɪnθ/


    [ 'plin(t)th ] (noun.) 1601. From Ancient Greek πλίνθος (plinthos, “brick”)

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