physical therapist

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(Askeri) FİZİK TEDAVİ UZMANI: Kadın sıhhi uzmanlar sınıfına (Women's Medical Specialist Corps) mensup kadın subay. Bu subay, fizik tedavi alanında ihtisas yapmış bir uzmandır
(Askeri) fizik tedavi uzmanı
chief physical therapist
(Askeri) FİZİK TEDAVİ KISMI ŞEFİ: Kadın Sağlık Uzmanlar Sınıfı'na mensup kadın subay. Bu subay; bir sağlık tesisindeki Fizik Tedavi kısmının idare ve kontrolundan, Fizik Tedavi servisi şefine karşı sorumludur. Emrinde bulunan personelin faaliyetlerini de kontrol ve koordine eder
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therapist who treats injury or dysfunction with exercises and other physical treatments of the disorder
a health professional who uses exercises and other methods to restore or maintain the body's strength, mobility, and function
physical therapists are trained to evaluate and improve movement and function of the body such as physical mobility, balance, posture & fatigue
A health professional specially trained to work with individuals to improve joint function
A health professional who teaches exercises that help restore arm and shoulder movement and build back strength after breast cancer surgery
A licensed professional who strives to design exercise programs or rehabilitation goals that will help in the restoration of muscle function, ambulating, strength, or coordination New Care does not provide PTs at this time
The physical therapist evaluates components of movement, including: muscle strength, muscle tone, posture, coordination, endurance, and general mobility The physical therapist also evaluates the potential for functional movement, such as ability to move in the bed, transfers and walking and then proceeds to establish an individualized treatment program to help the patient achieve functional independence
someone whose job is to give physical therapy British Equivalent: physiotherapist
Help manage pain and mobility by using therapeutic exercise, heat, cold or water therapy
Say: fizz-ick-all thair-a-pist After you get injured, have an operation, or are really sick for awhile, your body might forget how to move a part (or parts) of your body the way you used to It may be hard to stand, walk, run, or catch a ball A physical therapist helps your body remember by teaching you to do exercises, playing games, giving you massages, or making you move around in warm water
An expert in maintaining and improving the movement and function of joints and limbs Physical therapists may begin to work with patients early in the rehabilitation phase
A person trained and certified by a state or accrediting body to design and implement physical therapy programs
Professional who treats physical disorders with physical and/or mechanical means such as massage, exercise, water, light, heat, etc
A trained professional who teaches exercises and other physical activities to aid in rehabilitation and maximize physical ability with less pain
Works with patients to improve strength, mobility, endurance, coordination and balance of their trunk and extremities The physical therapist also helps patients manage pain through the use of therapeutic exercises and treatment modalities
Assists patients who have experienced disability from illness, trauma, or birth defects, performs individual exercise programs to restore or relocate physical function
n The person who treats physical dysfunction or injury by the use of therapeutic exercise and the application of modalities, intended to restore or facilitate normal function or development
A trained medical person who provides rehabilitative services and therapy to help restore bodily functions such as walking, speech, the use of limbs, etc (H)
A rehabilitation professional who utilizes various therapies to assist individuals in maximizing mobility, and restoring strength and body movement following an illness, injury (e g , stroke, fall, back injury, etc)
A trained healthcare professional who uses physical activities to help people with disabilities become more functional and independent
performs diagnostic tests and evaluations, such as joint mobility, stability and appearance of walking, strength and muscle endurance
physical therapist

    Расстановка переносов

    phys·i·cal the·ra·pist

    Турецкое произношение

    fîzîkıl therıpıst


    /ˈfəzəkəl ˈᴛʜerəpəst/ /ˈfɪzɪkəl ˈθɛrəpəst/


    [ 'fi-zi-k&l ] (adjective.) 1597. Middle English phisicale medical, from Medieval Latin physicalis, from Latin physica.

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