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Taking along a pint of P.G. and a large supply of goof balls to taper off.

Paying guest
Point guard
Parental Guidance
In Britain, films that are labelled PG are not considered suitable for younger children to see without an adult being with them. PG is an abbreviation for `parental guidance'. Papua New Guinea (in Internet addresses). Portuguese. page. parental guidance used to show that a film includes parts that parents may feel are not suitable for young children
Pressure gradient Tightening pressure gradient indicates stronger winds
polyglutamate; a polymer chain made up of glutamic acid residues
Performance Gain
Plate glass
Performance Guide A CICS reference manual
Peer Group: A set of logical nodes which are grouped for purposes of creating a routing hierarchy PTSEs are exchanged among all members of the group
page through text output
Paul Guyot http: //www kallisys com/
Pasquill-Gifford (stability class)
Acronym for Paragliding
{i} leaf within a book or piece of printed material; sheet of paper