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tohum zarı
meyve örtüsü
meyva örtüsü
{i} perikarp
meyve örtü
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The outermost layer, or skin, of a ripe fruit or ovary
used figuratively
{n} the case which contains the seeds
The fruit wall which has developed from the ovary wall; sometimes used for any fruit covering From the Greek, peri (peri), "around;" and karpos (karpos), "fruit "
{i} wall of a fruit; part of a fruit around the seed
The outer wall of mature fruit
The outermost layer of a ripe fruit or ovary
The wall of a ripened ovary (fruit) It is homogeneous in some genera In others it is composed of three distinct layers, exocarp, mesocarp, and endocarp
Sometimes used to designate a fruit, technically the ovary wall
The ripened ovary; the walls of the fruit
The fruit wall which develops from the ovary wall The pericarp may be divided into the endocarp, mesocarp and exocarp
of Capsule, Drupe, and Legume
the part of a fruit resulting from the ovary walls development
Fruit wall; the wall of a matured ovary
Sterile layer of cells derived from female plant and enclosing the carposporophyte
the ripened and variously modified walls of a plant ovary
plural of pericarp

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    [ 'per-&-"kärp ] (noun.) 1759. French péricarpe, from Latin pericarpium, from Ancient Greek περικάρπιον (perikarpion, “pod, husk, shell”), from περί (peri, “around”) + καρπός (karpos, “fruit”).

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