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any opening in a solid object
a series of holes punched through something in order to assist in separating parts
that portion of a surface that remains after an open disk is removed from it
the act of perforating or the state of being perforated
an abnormal opening in an organ, such as a rupture
{n} the act of boring, a place bored
a hole in the wall of an organ
A serious complication of peptic ulcers where the ulcers penetrate through the stomach or duodenum allowing their contents to enter the peritoneal space
a series of small incisions made in a material to facilitate tearing or folding along a pre-determined line
A method of making holes through the casing opposite the producing formation to allow the oil or gas to flow into the well See the Gun perforation
A hole made in the casing, cement and formation through which formation fluids enter the wellbore
a line of small holes for tearing at a particular place
a piercing or making a hole, as in a viscus
A line of cuts or punches which allows paper to be torn off easily - for instance, to remove a reply card
Perforations are small holes that are made in something, especially in paper. Tear off the form along the perforations and send it to Sales
A series of small slits produced on a folder in the printed sheet, parallel to the fold at the bind edge, which permits the paper to be separated easily at these slits (perforations); also called Commercial Perforation to top
the act of punching a hole (especially a row of holes as for ease of separation) a line of small holes for tearing at a particular place a hole made in something; "a perforation of the eardrum
Holes of precise dimensions/spacing that is pressed into paper for ease of separating
a series of cuts or holes manufactured on a sheet of paper to weaken it in a certain spot for easy tearing
A hole made by boring or piercing; an aperture
The perforated lines on fanfold paper which allow the pages to be separated easily and the sprocket hole strips to be removed
{i} puncturing, making holes
Small cuts extending through the label and backing material to facilitate their separation
A series of holes punched between stamps in the sheet to ease separation
a series of small incisions made in a material to facilitate tearing or folding along a predetermined line
a hole made in something; "a perforation of the eardrum"
An opening on a tooth or other oral structure
The punching out of holes between stamps to make separation easy 1) Comb perforation-three sides of a stamp are perforated at once, with the process repeated in rows 2) Harrow perforation-the entire sheet or unit of stamps is perforated in one operation 3) Line perforation-holes are punched one row at a time Line perforations are distinguished by the uneven crossing of perforation lines and irregular corners Comb and harrow perforations usually show alignment of holes at the corners Some forms of perforation may be difficult to distinguish
The act of perforating, or of boring or piercing through
the act of punching a hole (especially a row of holes as for ease of separation)
perforation gauge
A device for measuring the number of perforations per 2 centimetre distance along the edge of a postage stamp
To make a line of holes in a thin material to allow separation at the line
to make a hole or holes through
{v} to pierce or run through, to bore
{a} having many small holes
make a hole into or between, as for ease of separation; "perforate the sheets of paper"
to punch a series or row of small holes or slots in a material to facilitate tearing
To punch small slots or holes in the paper so that you can tear away specific parts of the sheet
To pierce; to penetrate
tiny holes punched into a sheet, often used for tear-off cards
To make slits in the paper during folding, at the fold, to prevent wrinkles and allow air to escape Books which perfect bind are perforated on the spine fold to aid in binding to top
Small holes put in the paper to make one area easy to separate from another
pass into or through, often by overcoming resistance; "The bullet penetrated her chest"
To bore through; to pierce through with a pointed instrument; to make a hole or holes through by boring or piercing; to pierce or penetrate the surface of
To perforate something means to make a hole or holes in it. I refused to wear headphones because they can perforate your eardrums. + perforated per·fo·rat·ed Keep good apples in perforated polythene bags. to make a hole or holes in something
{f} puncture, pierce; make holes, punch holes
having a hole cut through; "pierced ears"; "a perforated eardrum"; "a punctured balloon"
Pierced with a hole or holes, or with pores; having transparent dots resembling holes
The small holes punched between stamps to make them easier to sepatate (more information on Perforations)
Holes through casing and cement into the productive formation
Regularly and accurately spaced holes punched throughout the length of 35 mm film for still cameras
plural of perforation
Round, curved, square or diamond-shaped holes punched in the upper leather of a shoe for ornamental purposes
The holes that are spaced along the length of the film in still cameras The perforation function as a guide for precision registration of film and also assist with the mechanical movement from frame to frame
Regularly spaced and accurately shaped holes which are punched throughout the length of a motion picture film These holes engage the teeth of various sprockets and pins by which the film is advanced and positioned as it travels through cameras, processing machines, and projectors ( Single or Double perforated film stock )
A series of small dots or dashes made in paper that allows and controls the tearing of paper Perfs are indicated on the marksheet by dashed lines
Intermittent cuts in paper to facilitate folding, tearing and glue adherence
Slits cut into the well casing to allow groundwater to enter May be located at more than one level, to coincide with water-bearing strata in the earth
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(Tıp) Bir organ çeperinde oluşan yırtık,delik.Perforasyon

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