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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
(Tıp) Artma, çoğalma, fazlalık
üstüne yüklemek
{f} kapla
{i} katman
üzerine yatırmak
örten tabaka
{f} (o.ver.laid) kaplamak
(Askeri) Kroki
üstüne kurulan
üzerine yat
{f} fazla yüklemek
overlaysimple past
overlaidpast participle
{f} üzerine sürmek
{f} bindirmek
bir harita üzerine konan tamamlayıcı sayfa
(Askeri) EK BİLGİLER TABAKASI; KALK (TATBİK KROKİSİ): Asıl harita veya şemada gösterilmeyen ve özellikle üzerinde durulması gereken ayrıntıları içeren şeffaf veya yarı şeffaf bir maddeye basılmış veya çizilmiş tabaka
{f} yüklemek
{i} üst ek sayfa
{i} (o'vırley)
{f} üstünü kaplamak
(İnşaat) uygulama krokisi
(Reklam) reklam afişi şeridi
overlay area
yerpaylaşım alanı
overlay area
yerpaylasim alanı
overlay chart
yardımcı grafik
overlay program
yerpaylasan program
overlay tree
bindirmeli yükleme ağacı
overlay chart
Üstyazım Çizgesi
overlay chart axis
Yardımcı Grafik Ekseni
overlay chart type
Yardımcı Grafik Türü
overlay keyboard
panelli klavye
overlay network
ustune bindirmeli ag
overlay pavement
(Askeri) KAPLAMA KALDIRIM: Mevcut bir kaldırım tabakası üzerine yeniden dökülen kaldırım tabakası
overlay program
Üstyazım Programı
memory overlay
bellek bindirmesi
üzerini örtmek
form overlay
form kaplaması
program overlay
program bindirmesi
kaynak-overlay kaplı
analog overlay
(Bilgisayar) analog yer paylaşımı
automatic ranging grid overlay
(Askeri) otomatik menzil hesaplama grid krokisi
delete overlay
(Bilgisayar) sil yardımcı
delete overlay
(Bilgisayar) yardımcı grafiği sil
delete overlay
(Bilgisayar) yardımcı grafiği kaldır
keyboard overlay
klavye şablonu
lead tin overlay
kurşun kalay kaplama
map overlay technique
harita çakıştırma tekniği
maze overlay
(Bilgisayar) labirent çizimi
maze overlay
Labirent Yer paylaşımı
modified combined obstacle overlay
(Askeri) düzenlenmiş engel tatbik krokisi
operation overlay
(Askeri) HAREKAT TATBİK KROKİSİ: Bir harekata katılan dost birliklerin yerini ve kuvvetini gösteren tatbik krokisi. Düşman kuvvetlerin muhtemel hareketi ve yeri de gösterilebilir. Tatbik krokisi, genel olarak, aşağı kademelerde, bir harekat emrinin esas bir kısmı olarak, harekat haritası yerine kullanılır. Ayrıca bakınız: "operation map"

İç duvarları altınla kapladı. - He overlaid the walls on the inside with gold.

{f} üzerine yatmak
üzerine yat
target overlay
(Askeri) HEDEF MİNKALESİ: Belirli bir şema, harita, çizim, kestirme veya diğer bir şekildeki kağıdın üzerine koyulduğunda hedef yerlerini belirleyen şeffaf bir alet. Hedef minkalesi manevra elemanları, hedefler ve ileri dost mevzilerin sınırlarını da gösterebilir
target overlay
(Askeri) hedef minkalesi
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
To put an overlay on
A piece of paper pasted upon the tympan sheet to improve the impression by making it stronger at a particular place
To smother with a close covering, or by lying upon
To lay, or spread, something over or across; to cover
To overwhelm; to press excessively upon
Odds which are set higher than expected or warranted. Favorable odds
A horse going off at higher odds than it appears to warrant, based on its past performances
{v} to smother, oppress, by weight, cover
{i} plating, coating; covering; tablecloth
a paperweight that has been coated with one (single overlay), two (double overlay) and sometimes three (triple overlay) layers of opaque or transparent glass and cut with windows to expose the enclosed motif
A dataset, in image format, that can be placed over others
To lay, or spread, something over or across; hence, to cover; to overwhelm; to press excessively upon
A thin transparent layer laminated or coated on a magnetic stripe card to protect the printing ink from wear
In traditional cartography, a drawing or graphic compilation of geographically related data symbolized on transparent or translucent material, usually in register with a base map One or more overlays of information in register combine to form a map mauscript In automated cartography, overlays will normally be digital map files which can be registered and combined to form a complete map (See registration )
A transparent acetate or vellum sheet used to prepare artwork for multi-colored printing: a flap on which color break instructions or corrections are marked
Programming; the process of replacing a segment of code in the computer memory Mapping; the process of stacking digital representaions of various spatial data on top of each other so each position in the area covered can be analyzed in terms of these data
A covering
A transparent sheet placed over artwork, in register with the work it covers; this is used to call out other color components of the work, instructions or corrections
a transparent covering over a artwork that indicates color designations and other instructions to the printer Also, transparent layers of artwork which are overprinted to create a composite image
(1) (n ) A code fragment that is loaded into memory, replacing any previously loaded code fragment (2) (n ) A graphics image superimposed over a portion of another image; for example, when one window partially occludes another window See occlusion
In artwork, transparent covering over copy on which instructions or corrections can be marked
A transparent or opaque covering used to protect designs or layouts in the form of separate transparent prints that combine to form a finished design or graphic
A formal geometric intersection between two or more layers of spatially referenced data A layer produced by an overlay will contain both the spatial data and the attribute data from the input layers
The amount raised by the assessors in excess of appropriations and other charges for the purpose of creating a fund to cover abatements and to avoid fractions in the tax rate The amount is set by state law, which says it cannot exceed more than 5 percent of the original assessment
{f} cover; plate, coat
a transparent sheet (either clear or mylar matte film material) accompanying a map, on which information, colouring, or symbols are entered so that when the overlay is placed on the map the effect is identical to having entered the overlay information on the map, itself
An image can be overlaid over other images An overlay image will not change often and will be placed over the game view An example of an overlay is a resource count and health information that is displayed at the top, bottom, or side of the screen over the game world
kill by lying on; "The sow overlay her piglets"
(Ticaret) To combine a new set of data with an existing database, and define controls and verification techniques for duplicate records and missing fields
protective covering consisting, for example, of a layer of boards applied to the studs and joists of a building to strengthen it and serve as a foundation for a weatherproof exterior
In artwork, a transparent covering over copy where color breaks, instructions or corrections are marked Also, transparent or translucent prints which, when placed one on the other, form a composite picture In die cutting, a transparent sheet showing the outline of the cutting and creasing rule
(1) a transparent sheet on which instruction for preparing the underlying print copy is given; (2) a transparent or translucent print which when placed one on the other form a complete picture
put something on top of something else; "cover the meat with a lot of gravy"
A transparent covering over the copy where color breaks, instructions, or corrections are marked
Êa transparent covering over a artwork that indicates color designations and other instructions to the printer Also, transparent layers of artwork which are overprinted to create a composite image
A transform overlaid on a base plot using the add overlay function The base plot sets the viewport of the overlay to match its own and transforms the coordinate data of the overlay into its own coordinate space Only that portion of the overlay's coordinate space that intersects the coordinate space of the managing plot will be visible in the plot output If the overlay is a plot object, it gives up its base plot status The base plot to which the overlay is added assumes responsibity for managing the overlay's plot members
put something on top of something else; "cover the meat with a lot of gravy
Printing or drawing on a transparent or translucent medium intended to be placed in register on a map or other graphic and which shows details not appearing or requiring special emphasis on the base material
If something is overlaid with a feeling or quality, that feeling or quality is the most noticeable one, but there may be deeper and more important ones involved. The party had been overlaid with a certain nervousness. a surge of feeling which at this moment overlaid all others
If something is overlaid with something else, it is covered by it. The floor was overlaid with rugs of oriental design
What the fourth person in the back of the Fiesta has to do
A paper-strip "add-on" pasted on the face of the poster, which may contain a price designation or announce a special promotion for the advertiser
The process of superimposing two or more maps (see figure), through registration to a common co-ordinate system, such that the resultant maps contain the data from both maps for selected features Although the term overlay can be applied to paper based maps, more often it applies to the use of digital data, nevertheless, the principal is the same
currency overlay
The separation of currency risk outsourcing costs from asset allocation and security selection costs
To suffocate by lying upon; as, to overlie an infant
To lie over or upon
past of overlay
the past tense and past participle of overlay
present participle of overlay
A superficial covering; a coating
Color screens that are layered to produce other colors to top
plural of overlay
A large program that is too large to fit unto the available memory can be split into a main part and these subsections so that each overlay can be load into main memory as and when required 3 2, p169
Using a list that is rich in data to augment information in another list with the same names Overlays can add phone numbers, job titles or demographic or psychographic information See File tagging
color transparencies of different layers creating a design
to lie over something
To lie over or upon; specifically, to suffocate by lying upon; as, to overlie an infant
kill by lying on; "The sow overlay her piglets"
lie upon; lie on top of; "the granite overlies the older rocks
kill by lying on; "The sow overlay her piglets" lie upon; lie on top of; "the granite overlies the older rocks
lie upon; lie on top of; "the granite overlies the older rocks"
{f} be laid upon; cover; smother (an infant or animal) by lying on top of
program overlay
file which contains part of the operation code of a program which is not found in the main file

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    [ "O-v&r-'lA ] (transitive verb.) 14th century. over +‎ lay (compare overlie)


    overlays, overlaying, overlaid

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